@drq @omgubuntu +1.

Although, Microsoft understand that everything they do for opensource now they can't return. They can't just go and close NetCore or C++ STL sources. Do they have malicious intents? Probably yes. Would it completely destroy opensource? Probably no.

@a1batross @omgubuntu The only thing that will truly redeem Microsoft is burrying Windows as a platform.

It's all but dead. Its creation was a mistake. Put it out of its misery, you cowards.

@drq @omgubuntu indeed. I suppose they will do it sooner or later.

Just remember that Windows isn't even testing anymore. They just pushing updates in hope that they will not format C: but in practice horrible things happens.
@omgubuntu Linus is a sell-out. The last pillar of free software used to be RMS but he's old and almost retired.

@omgubuntu Interesting. But Linus Torvalds has been known to compromise a lot. Microsoft may have good intentions, but they still should not have much control over the Free Software world because of their reputation. They continuously prove that they do not really care about "open source" every time they release a new proprietary version of Windows.

@omgubuntu I'll believe it when they release MS Office for Linux.

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