If I had to put together a "software essentials pack" for the Ubuntu desktop it'd be something like:

• Geary (email app)
• Shotwell (set as image viewer)
• GNOME Feeds (local rss reader)
• Drawing (simple image editor)
• Celluloid/GNOME MPV
• Lollypop (music player)

What would be in your "software essentials" pack?

@omgubuntu currently: VLC, Clementine, Steam, VS Code, Chrome, Tilix, htop.

@omgubuntu OpenShot video editor. My son loves it! *(I use kdenlive though)

• KeePassXC
• CherryTree notes
• OpenShot
• Tor Browser

Nextcloud Client is also essential for anyone who runs an instance.

@omgubuntu LibreOffice, Firefox, Tilix, Steam, Discord, Spotify, Kdenlive, Blender, and Google Chrome for emergencies because Google likes to break their websites of competing browsers.
Oh, and VS Code and Code::Blocks.

- Brave (Web Browser)
- LibreOffice (Office Suite)
- VLC (Media player)
- Wine (To drink when I'm working 😜 )

@omgubuntu Firefox, Thunderbird, deadbeef, smplayer/mpv/youtube-dl/smtube, geeqie, gvim, KDE Plasma :)

- FluffyChat snap (a Matrix client)
- Jotit snap (an excellent notes client)
- Tor browser

- Firefox/Epiphany
- KeePassXC
- LibreOffice
- Rhythmbox
- Nextcloud
- VS Code (if a dev)
- Tilix (with oh-my-zsh)
- Thunderbird
- Tor & Tor Browser

* Thunderbird (because it supports encryption)
* Firefox
* Lollypop
* Gnome Tweaks
* KeePassXC
* Ghostwriter

Vivaldi and TOR Browser
Deluge (Torrents)
A decent text editor
Calibre (ebooks)
Joint Logic's B-Folders (Outliner)
Filezilla (ftp)
Bitnami (local instances)
Nicotine (p2p client)

Firefox, VLC, LibreOffice, Inkscape, Scribus (1.5), Gimp, Shotwell, Rhythmbox, Gramps, VirtualBox.

@omgubuntu Hmm, even though I use KDE, gnome-disks is quite important for me, as some quick disk management tools are there.

@omgubuntu I didin't know about Geary! I thought there is the only evolution mail client on ubuntu Lol

@omgubuntu I'm fine with eog strictly as an image viewer, but for quick edits I love gthumb, which for some reason everyone always seems to forget about 🤔

@omgubuntu little by little. They released 3.8.0 a couple of months ago. It has a very GNOME friendly UI for simple edits, also if photos are geotagged it shows me a map (needs to be compiled against libchamplain) 😃

@omgubuntu More serious though:

vlc media player
LBRY for videos
Libreoffice when not yet installed

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