@omgubuntu GIMP is crazy fast in Linux compared to Windows. Seemed to take forever to launch in W7. Takes few seconds in Ubuntu.

@omgubuntu some articles are not published here, such as that one about gnome's new wallpaper. Why?

@omgubuntu It seems to have a typo: Gnu image manipulation program, not protocol :)

@omgubuntu pardon me, try to add more ttf fonts to Gimp and you will see the nightmare :)

@omgubuntu How about running some more Windows-native apps too for comparison? GIMP on Windows needs to load all system libraries and the GTK toolkit, while on Linux they might be already loaded. Though that's still impressive seeing how fast Linux Mint booted.

@omgubuntu it would be better if they used win 10 programs such as chrome, word... to compare with linux versions ff, libre...

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