@omgubuntu After finishing reading the article, I saw this:
>"Got a spare 5 minutes? We’d love to learn more about the kind of articles and stories you want to see on this site. Help us out by taking a short (anonymous) survey."

I already took the survey earlier. But I am concerned by your wording in that box. Google goes long ways to keep people from being "anonymous" at all. So I don't see how you can call it an anonymous survey while using Google Forms.


@masterofthetiger Yikes, really? I kinda assumed since i turned the e-mail requirement off, that it was all okay. I'll remove that word and just apologise that it's via Google Forms!

@omgubuntu Nah. You don't need to do all that. I was just making a point that Google is a tracking agency. They will log info. I was fine in doing it though. But I used tor.

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