Hi @omgubuntu

Could you give me the name of your Reactions Wordpress Plugin please ?

I like it, thanks !

@Bristow_69 The strip above the comments? It's part of the Disqus WordPress plugin. I think it has to be manually enabled via disqus.com/admin/settings/reac


Arghh, ok, i'm looking for the same thing without Disqus, like these :



@omgubuntu I became so accustomed to truncated names in GNOME I didn't notice it anymore. So glad this fix is on the way.

@omgubuntu I suppose I could simply remove the app names for a suite of applications but keep the labels such as "Writer," "Draw," "Impress," etc. "Web Browser" can be getting rid of completely and just name "Firefox" instead.

> And for the absolute worse experience? Install Ubuntu in a virtual machine. The initial 800×900 resolution truncates almost every single app title (not that people stick at this res).

800x900 ?????? Is this a mistake ??????

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