@omgubuntu I hope that malware doesn't get here. There's absolutely no reason for us to install it. There may have been if it were still using EdgeHTML (so developers can test their pages), but now it is identical to Chromium so we might as well use that.

@omgubuntu Another proprietary shitty browser. Just throw it onto a pile, who cares.

@omgubuntu Watch it get like, 8 downloads, all just people reviewing it for things like Datamation and PC Mag.

@chaosphere @omgubuntu By the time they will have completed to port it, it may double the market share of their even now negligible browser 2*0=0 :)

@omgubuntu I don't understand Microsoft. No Linux user would install it.

@omgubuntu that's about as meaningful and relevant as them "open sourcing" the MSDOS code ... 🤦​

I smell microsoft launching a desktop linux distro eventually 🧐

Guys, guys, guys...
Apart from home usage, there is such thing as -=surprise!=- work usage. You won't believe how many multimillion systems tight to this proprietary piece of BS...
I use _only_ open-source at home. But for work I have to keep windows10 VM as a qemu-kvm guest on my Linux laptop...

@omgubuntu They can take thier time, we're not in a hurry to install their broswer anyway.

@omgubuntu That is how MS plans to conquer Linux. This is a Trojan Horse.

@omgubuntu I am fine with this never touching Linux. I will continue to use @Firefox.

I don't want the web controlled by a Google product. Chromium might be open source, but we need more variety & competition with browsers

@omgubuntu Who cares, why not just use Chrome, or if you are like me and value privacy, use Brave
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