:ubuntu: Ubuntu 19.04 is out in just under two weeks! Do you plan to install it/upgrade?

@omgubuntu yes, my office computer. My laptop will probably stay on 18.04 for a while

@omgubuntu I managed to install 19.04 on my office computer and it work and looks amazing 😎
Now I am realy thinking of installing it on my laptop aswell 🤔

@omgubuntu nope, my wife still uses 16.04 and won't let me upgrade her laptop 😜

Upgraded two weeks ago. Like it better than 18.10. More stable on my PC. 👍

@omgubuntu 16.04 works fine for me and i dont fix what aint broke ;)

Did it few weeks ago. Few ppa-s still not supposed, but nothing major. When it releases I may just nuke it and reinstall. Usually run from alpha without problem and when it comes out I get major bug that I cannot fix. Last time I had problems with openvpn not working regardless what I did to fix it.

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