Working on my 19.04 release video this afternoon! Aside from production tweaks (better sound quality, fewer "flashes") is there anything you particularly want to see in it? Below is my 18.04 video, which shows the style/format I use

Debating whether I (joey) should 'appear' in the video this time. It'd help give the narration some presence and add some shot variety. Ubuntu 19.04 isn't a feature-heavy release, so a lot of what's "new" is explanation rather than demonstration.

tiling. a better tiling. a tiling that feels like i3 gaps.

@omgubuntu Probably somebody asked you already but could you tell us what video editor are you using and what made you choose it?

@omgubuntu That could actually be an interesting article, your workflow creating videos

@jgarciao For the bits I edit myself (titles and animated bits are outsourced to people with skills to do it) I use Kdenlive.

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