Just replaced Google+ with Mastodon in the social links section on the website! Represent!

Good work, maybe removing facebook would be a next good step? ;)

Well done! I am surprised we don't see more of the open source community on this open network

I couldn't agree more, it says alot about the legitimacy of a project in my eyes.

@omgubuntu Is that a WP installation? If so, how to do that?

I think it is just static site generator. Maybe with Docker to auto deploy.


@omgubuntu missed a moment when you joined the fediverse. Welcome here!

For sharing stuff, like articles on my blog, I just have a <textarea> with the title and URL in it for people to copy+paste onto whatever platform they want. Not tied to any specific platform. This is particularly useful for xmpp or irc chats where there is no easy "web" method to use for that sharing.

@omgubuntu Could be useful to add the rel="me" tag in your link in order to show as "verified" your website link (if the way your site is down allow that, of course) ! :)

@Kazhnuz Thanks, a few people have suggested this. I'll find somewhere to add it (the way the social footer link work, I can't add the 'rel="me"' to it).

FB -> Friendica or Hubzilla
Twitter -> Mastodon or Pleroma
Youtube -> PeerTube
Instagram -> Pixelfed

@omgubuntu I'm really going to miss Google+
I've since joined #minds #gab #akasha and #mastodon but I feel like I've lost the community I was most active in, and I feel like I can't find everyone.

@drown Yeah, that is one downside: there's no "one" place where everyone has shifted to. Everyone has dispersed among several sites.

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