How hard is to flash a Linux on ? Just type 10 commands in console and your @postmarketOS based tablet is ready to use! Stuff you use everyday works out-of-box... and you can use your desktop @gnome apps. What a feeling!

@okias @postmarketOS @gnome is this the 2012 version? I think i have one of those lying around but it's unusable because of degraded memory chips. might be worth trying another os to see if it becomes useable again :)

@vancha yes, it's 2012 (grouper/tilapia), check postmarketOS wiki page. Most stuff works out-of-box after install (Phosh environment, but UI is slower due missing 3D drivers)


Is it Phosh running ? Look like a Purism device. That's nice 👌🏻

@postmarketOS @gnome

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