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Various Artists – [2008] Super Sommer Clubbing-Charts

frei² by Robert Bienert is a program featured in Freies Radio Kassel, an independent radio station in Germany's wild centre. For several years, this program has been sending out a steady stream of Creative Commons music. This release consists of individual tracks, on air for a clubbing night over 10 years ago. Enjoy! [audio src="https://archive.or[...]

Croak – [2013] Croak

Netlabel Sirona Records does not specialise in metal; even better than that this excellent work of band Croak has been published here. In contrast to many other in this genre, their singer's pronunciation is excellent, i.e. easy to understand. [audio src=""] Raising Fist goes almost into lyrical territory with [...]

Various Artists – [2005] We Are Bevlar 2

Not much is written online about netlabel Bevlar, that has published music from 2004 to 2007. If you like the following tracks, it might be worth for you to hunt through their back catalogue of about three dozen releases. Or just wait for me to review my favourite releases in time... [audio src="[...]


Daizy – [2011] The Daizy Factory

Another entry from prolific netlabel Enough Records, who have been releasing over 400 albums and EPs since 2002, and are - unlike many others - still active. This weeks album features guitar-based trip hop served on top of ambient synth sounds. A bit too busy for coding, this album makes for a great pool party…[...]


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