Various Artists – [2012] netBloc, Volume 39: Antididonai

Again it's time to honour one of the more than 50 episodes of the netBloc series.

Like usual, two tracks are far to few to cover all the gems in this release. Like usual for a blocSonic release, it covers a broad range of popular music genres, ranging from alternative rock, to easy listening to instrumental h

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non-programmers are an important part of open source projects. non-programmer contributions are valid and useful and not second tier or otherwise less valuable.

it's easy to say programmers are the only value-add when you're fortunate enough to have enough non-programmers that you can take them for granted.

if you take away the feature requests, translations, and general chatter - many OSS projects would have never been more than flawed, narrow use case tech demos.

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long, meta, pretentious explanation of why this "place" is different Show more

Daenjellson – [2008] Walk Your Soft Skin on the Edges

I have a hard time writing this entry paragraph. This short, 5 track, 15 minutes long EP by solo artist Daenjellson is not easy to classify. Acoustic guitar, violin, slightly husky voice all contribute to a hard-to-pin indie sound.

Small Personal Failure opens up the song with spoken words and a heartbeat sa

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Stellardrone – [2010] Sublime

Drone music is a dish best served at low to medium volume in a dimmed room. Headphones are a plus, but not necessary. Relaxing or comforting activities become twice as effective. I generally can recommend Stellardrone's other works if you are a friend of this genre.

Ascent is the most "musical" and therefore favourite track. Slowly pulsating chor

Geolm – [2017] One Hundred Sights EP

NuLogic is a fine (no so) little netlabel, at home in the electronic branches of the genre tree. French canadian musician Geolm knows how to make a good first impression. Marvellously produced sound samples, some even with an analogue touch to them, blend nicely to stern beats.

Cruise Control Battle (on the highway) is a straight forward el

Erugo Purakushi – [2017] SPARK

Minimal, vowel-free netlabel MNMN Records pumps out a steady stream of diverse, slighly experimental music. This item with catalogue number 483 surfs on the edge between synth wave and glitchy ambient. 9 tracks, each longer than six minutes, make for a pretty spaced up ambience.

Sahara works for me because of the long, synthy drone c

Wooden Legs – [2011] If it doesn’t last forever…

It's great to re-discover awesome historical music in the cellar of my music collection. It's even greater to find out that the band is still active, releasing new stuff (latest album: 2015), and having gigs at least in France, Italy, Austria.

Great Spirit is an instrumental piece with great violin riffs and licks.

Various Artists – [2010] netwaves 04.28: new beats

<em>Deep House compilation.</em> Fusion of podcast (as a 60 minute mix track) and compilation (10 individual tracks) in one free format.

Various Artists – [2010] netBloc, Volume 30: Aldartea

<em>Exceptional pop compilation.</em> Outstanding quality from start to finish in 12 tracks.

Seki Takashi – [2016] Night City

<em>Friendly ambient electronica.</em> If Minecraft would have another soundtrack, this EP could set the style.

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car of the future:
- electric powered
- can travel up to 200 mph
- passenger cap of 100
- runs along a track
- that sounds like a train
- yep its a train

Various Artists – [2011] netBloc Vol. 34: The Whitewash

<em>History-rewriting compilation.</em> Diverse selection of popular CC music from the era.

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Derek Nigell – [2017] Heartbeat of the Universe

<em>Spacetime drones.</em> Long-stretched synthy soundscapes for late-night orbital flights.

BitBasic – [2009] Sprinkling Rainbows

<em>Pop master of glitch.</em> Jazzy electronica, made from scrambled samples and lots of groove.

Various Artists – [2010] Intelligent Toys: We Make Music

<em>Essential experimental IDM.</em> 3 discs, 51 tracks of IDM à la Sutemos are an earful to chew on. Bring popcorn!

Xcyril &#8211; [2007] Alter ego
-BY-NC-ND-3.0 &amp;Screen

Xcyril is Cyril Humbert, a professional composer, who has published 11 of his albums, under a Creative Commons license to Jamendo. He specialises in soundtracks for films and video games. This soundtrack in particular has a dark atmosphere, most fitting to accompany a rainy autumn evening. [audio src="] L'Attaque de[...]

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