Klangwald – [2012] Tolerance & Courage EP

Calm and deliberate electronica backdrop. Not fighting for your attention, earning it just the more for it.

Everlasting Dream – [2011] Echoes From the Future

Movie soundtracks fall into a nice niche between classical and ambient music. This album adds a bit of electronic finesse to this formula. If you want to add a bit of cinematic splash to your musical diet, give this album a try. Emotional string sections meet orchestral and electronic beets. The occasion

Various Artists – [2006] The Silent Ballet, Volume II: Acquiescence and Oblivion

This compilation more than most rewards front-to-back listening. Much care has gone in arranging the tracks "in order". Thus it hurts me more than usual to only rip two tracks out of context. So if you can find pleasure in those, the 9 other track in between warrant their long du

Various Artists – [2019] Fusion Compilation 12

Over 5 years after my review on Fusion Compilation 8, I return to this netlabel with their most recent instalment to the series. Comparing both compilations back to back highlights how professional the free music scene has become during the course of the decade: all ten tracks have major-label grade production, crisp

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"Hey, what's the matter?"
"Bleurgh. Work. Life. Politics. Stuff."
"I know, I know. Want my help?"
"You can help?"
"I can give advice. And I can give you sanctuary, for a while."
"Say you'll take me away from all this!"
The book smiled. "I'll take you away from all this."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Professor Kliq – [2011] Athene’s Theory of Everything OST

While I cannot recommend you to watch the movie this album is the original score to, I very much endorse its soundtrack. To paraphrase, the "documentary" is either a very crude joke or a blunt hoax by an internet celebrity. But under the ludicrous voice track, there is an ambient electronic m

Brk – [2015] IIIIII

Dub techno is not for every day. It has a distinct lack of mood, neither happy nor sad. Then there's the minimal harmonies, the long-form stretches of monotonous monotony. So what's to like? Actually, I don't really know. But on certain days, the meditative nature, the lack of a clear mood, and the analytical sound just work.

1. Brk - I

4 minute long intro track wit

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Use a mechanical keyboard:
Your code will be strongly-typed.

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Six Stages of Debugging

Step 1 : That can’t happen.

Step 2 : That doesn’t happen on my machine.

Step 3 : That shouldn’t happen.

Step 4 : Why does that happen?

Step 5 : Oh, I see.

Step 6 : how did that ever work?

Various Artists – [2007] Classic Accidents

This vintage collection of rather minimal danceable tracks does not compromise on its concept to please. Dry clicks and noisy effects are sprinkled liberally across the whole 12-track ensemble. But that playfulness in texture is well balanced by minimal harmonies and repetitive (not to say catchy) song structures.

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Yes yes yes! "Move at an appropriate speed and make things work". Consider equality and accessibility. Take the time to get it right. @sonniesedge@twitter.com #ffconf

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Various Artists – [2007] Share It Spread It Love It

At the time, trying to publish music outside the traditional channels (music labels) was still quite out of the ordinary. No Bandcamp, no Jamendo, no Free Music Archive. All those only came to life during the last 10 years. If you this release's style, have a listen to the curators other compilations, mixes and podcasts

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For sure #composability has a fundamental role to keep #software #simple and understandable.

But you are wrong: software is always way simpler than the system whose problems it addresses.

And guess what?

The best technique I've met so far to tame the complexity of a human system so that a software can be integrated with it is based on #language: it's called #DomainDrivenDesign.

The world is not ready for its full potential: epic.tesio.it/

@drwho @grainloom @amz3

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Having servers up around the world that I can access from anywhere, store anything, run any program my mind could conjure...

It's like having a bunch of tiny, wholesome, unix-flavored horcruxes that I didn't even have to murder anyone for

Botany Bay – [2009] I’ll Send a Postcard When I’m There

Only 6 tracks, but hard to pin point in genre space. Eclectic rock could be a way to describe it.Airy and light sound, blended with occasional patches of electro or more exotic sounds, makes for a great variety.

2. Botany Bay - Voices

A vocal duet, expertly crafted. I like the chorus' riff and upbeat fee

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Irgendwie ein komisches Gefühl, wenn man zur Demo auf die Straße geht und möglicherweise nicht alle privaten Presseverlage neutral darüber berichten werden. #Leistungsschutzrecht #linktax #Uploadfilter #Artikel13 #SaveYourInternet

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