Various Artists – [2018] Netlabel Day 2018: netlabel essentials 4

Annual anthology of selected delikatessen, ranging from July 2017 to 2018.

Daizy – [2012] Aramat

Having reviewed another release by Daizy (The Daizy Factory) back in 2018, it's time to return this Belgium electronica artist. Their songs are clearly structured, built up from simple layers, yet gain from repeated exposure.

8. Daizy - Grandpa

Surprisingly, the calmest song works best for me on this album. Piano, reverb, subdued beat, done. With under two minutes, it ba

Various Artists – [2020] Fusion Compilation 13

New age instrumental hip hop lounge easy listening compilation. Or something like that.

Artem Bemba – [2019] Harvest

What a calm, folky indie rock - from Ukraine. Almost cheesy in its country-esque lines.

Zapa – [2018] Triangle

Calm indie rock or folk, stirred up by guest musicians with uncommon instruments.

Various Artists – [2015] The End

Essential dark folk compilation. And a massive one with 48 splendid tracks.

Ambient Field – [2005] Visions EP

Blade Runner like ambiance with space soundscapes as backdrop. Relaxing yet distant.

In Vitro – [2008] Falso Self En Androides EP

Uncompromising hard-hit tech house. Melodic, yet noisy compositions.

Various Artists – [2015] Gold Medal

Music festival promo release by Mexican netlabel MYRDAL, spanning indie rock to indie pop.

Vic – [2000] One Turn 5 (Vic Remix)

Early single release from one of the forerunners of the free music scene.

Various Artists – [2008] 月餅

Exceptionally varied compilation of experimental to conventional electronica from Phonocake.

Giraffe – [2005] Giraffe

Melancholic melodic indie folk pop prog rock. Boom. Genre keyword density overflow.

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Das Guggenheim Museum hat seine Kunstbücher zum Download bereit gestellt und es ist großartig

Psychadelic Pedestrian, Notch – [2019] Psychadelik Pedestrian v Notch Remixes

Uplifting house music, straight from the source.

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Point – [2019] Human Music

Slick abstract trance, located somewhere between deadmau5 and Moderat. Genuinely trance-inducing.

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Tips for newcomers to javascript packages 

I have been struggling *all year* to understand the nuances of how node packages are published—particularly libraries, and not big webpack apps. I wish someone had just told me this:

- Babel doesn’t transpile dependencies.
- Your code goes in src/, the output goes in dist/.
- Write your entrypoints as though everything had been in dist/ all along.
- src/ only goes in git.
- dist/ only goes to npm, so build before you push.
- You mustn’t tell npm to pull from a git repo. It might seem simpler, but then you’d have to commit dist/, which is bad.
- Under-engineer your build system as much as possible. If you can get away with only using Babel, all the better.

Emerald Park – [2020] Basement Sessions (CC Version)

Routinely produced indie pop rock by staples of the genre in Creative Commons land.

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