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"spiteful non-binary flag. for when you are non-binary and existing out of spite"

mfs be like "yeah I support queer liberation" then say it's totally fine to make moderation decisions based on "friend groups" thus quantizing social relationships

rubbish reference to boring comedy show 

I've voiced strong opinions about famous animals on this show before
*flashbacks to complaining about crabs and whatever animals Nosleba complains about*
this week, this lost cat appeared

"i am so done with all this webshit. i am going to write my own web browser. in rust." - 🐱
I hate that cat

if you have a github account and you care about or can you be a very nice person and star comefrompub on github pls

usually I care about stars but today I really care about them all my other attempts at suckering people out of money haven't worked today

nooooooooooo but but programming large systems is beyond the level of complexity for users we can't have that
*someone wants to make programming easier*
but we have our reasons to make it hard to program nooooooooooo

"If the Fediverse has put forward the proposition that all our code is terrible, I set another against it: we are all of us perfect! Because, in each moment, our code is all it can be, and never need to be more. Because no defect sticks to it, cruft also has no meaning." — David Stirner, The Unique and Its Prototypes

A liberatory software "movement" should be one of small, mobile, independent and intelligent units (to steal the description from a Robert Fripp interview). If you go any larger, be it companies, or rigidly formed collectives or cooperatives, then I can only describe the result as "squaring social circles". You deny the participants of reaching to whoever would help their creative processes.

(I hesitate to say "movement", as it is only people collectively acting in their self-interests.)

"reading and writing is on a completely different level of complexity beyond the want of understanding of regular people that I think many scribes truly do not get."

And as I said in A Parastatal Problem, even if only a few people can read published source code, they are now in a better position to write software that you may already use. If you think that's insignificant, then a. fuck you and b. go throw your computer on the street and make sure you never use any online service, telephone, or any computerised system ever again, because they're insignificant apparently.

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How silly would it sound to say, because few people can play the musical instruments required to record a song and then edit and produce it, that sharing sheet music, recorded loops, etc is a waste of time and has not really improved music?

Both that example and free software are remix cultures, and the same logic is used to shit on free software apparently. Piracy for example is not a remix culture; you don't get anything other than the end result to try to mess with.

The shit takes like are exactly what I'm trying to get at this statement.
Fine, let's go with your example of "windows vista calculator", which totally isn't an attempt to make computer systems seem insignificant. What kind of anti-capitalist system would not give you the source materials for a calculator program?
Free software hasn't failed, you have failed to integrate it into a praxis. Nothing says you have to like the FSF.

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Copyfarleft or ethical licensing whatever it's called, as it stands, is a sad joke. You make the same old shitty software, which enforces hierarchical views of its users, which is subject to the same poor design decisions, and is potentially a big security hole which also happens to calculate how many candles you need per week (or something like that); but at least companies can't use it to fuck you over. It's fair game for everyone else though!

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(If ACSL is a new name to you, summarises why it is indeed not an anti-capitalist license.)

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And, yes, fuck rms and make software anarchy, but we absolutely must recognise that we should be demanding a superset of what free software provided.

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I see no problems for sufficiently motivated people to make "ethical software", "anti-capitalist software", so on and so on, without having to bother with institutions like the FSF.

But I see these things as necessary extensions of "free software"; you are still obliged to provide source materials, you run the program as you wish (should the few requirements be acceptable to you). If we don't accept that, we end up with e.g the "Anti-Capitalist" Software License, which is anything but.

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