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RT Pro Jahr ermittelt die Polizei in 3.765 Fällen wg einer Straftat gg das Leben (PKS 2016). Das sind mehr als 10 pro Tag. Über eine einzige Tat spricht die Republik seit Wochen. So sieht kollektiver Rassismus aus - und führende Medien heizen den Wahnsinn an.


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Article 13 of the proposal for a copyright directive is a threat to a Free and Open Internet. Join us in taking action on Tuesday June 12th to ask MEPs not to censor the Internet

#SaveYourInternet #FixCopyright #CensorshipMachine

first time I come across
(the website is also *very* light: shows exactly nothing with javascript disabled. Ridiculous. What are people thinking!? anyway) ... a while back a few friends and I started a (failed) effort to toss a phone together, kinda like their version two. interesting to see this emerging on the market now.

Freifunk link to refugee house is back! As always, coverage of rooms could be better, but it's something at least. Will never understand why they can't just install broadband next to water and electricity. What's the big deal...

@downey that "flag-un" tag, is that part of your profile name? For a while they showed as two large letters "U N" which lead to the screen reading: "Michael Downey UNfavorited your status" ;)
:flag-un: 🇺🇳

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Re-launch of the free #openmoko USB Product ID and IEEE OUI (Ethernet MAC address) allocation for OSHW and FOSS projects:

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RT Der Preisträger des diesjährigen Fritz-Bauer-Preises hält nun eine Rede.

Glückwunsch zur wahrlich verdienten Auszeichnung für das Engagement für Bürgerrechte!


@LaF0rge RE: "listening to amazing set by " -- reminds me of good times at the Turmbühne. Fusion 2006 will always be my personal woodstock event.

with this weather I somehow feel obliged to go into it, by a lake or soomething. But having a nice kids-free weekend: I JUST WANT TO HACK!

It's amazing how quickly they let you on the rooftops in the name of Lightning took down the uplink of a refugee housing nearby, we took a look today. Link should be back up soon...

what's the practical difference between "boosting" and "favouriting" a post? Which one is quicker to get me to a 4.5 stars rating? I need to buy this loft next month...

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@neeels private joke.
We we sitting with a bunch of people outside having a few beers. And Benno mentioned that the ISS should pass over us soon. So we are looking for it for half an our or so. Didn't show up.
A few ours later on our way home this bright spot passes over us: Hey Benno, what's that? Benno: Oh, some satellite.

Turns out it was the ISS he had looked up the timing in the wrong location 😀

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works on PC Engines' APU4: (and I worked it out myself, without having to pester @stsp about it, w00t!

brand new APU4B4 just arrived! Let's see if i can get running on it all by myself.

ah, copy paste works. except then there's no link of where i got it from.

so when I post a link to an image, can't mastodon embed it automatically? can't find that in faq. Do I need to download it manually?