@xerz Uhm... how would you do it knowing Meson does not globs

@brainblasted πŸ€”οΈ In my case I learned a lot about C thanks in part to Vala, and when I look at Rust I get lost

…and a year later @brainblasted finally got it out into the world (Thank You :-) )

Typography is another little β€œtool-app” from the @gnome Design Tooling Team as a companion to (Colour) Palette offering buttons to copy various css classes/characters you may need in your app/mockup

Along the way we got a couple of gtk4 bugs ironed out, thanks @exalm et al for the help with that

As ever some nice artwork from @tbernard


@tchx84 @bilelmoussaoui @ebassi Coincidentally, I started programming 'cause I wanted to create video games xD

Up now: a blog post on how you can use the flatpak CLI to develop, test, and create distribution tarballs for your applications: https://blogs.gnome.org/christopherdavis/2021/02/16/developing-with-the-flatpak-cli/

Hello all! In the interest of finding out how the Fedi skews, I want to run another age poll. Please pick the decade that you fall in (there are two polls; if you don't belong in the first, you may belong in the second).

Boosts welcome and encouraged!

Well, it seems that I'll be developing on Flutter for the next few days :p

Rounded bottom corners and the redesigned preferences dialog just landed in Nautilus πŸŽ‰

Thanks to @KekunPlazas and AntΓ³nio Fernandes for making it happen!

For those who chose the third option, here I share some small variations that I made playing with colors to try to harmonize better and make it less Instagram-like

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@zens Uhm... but, at least on GNOME, one is not prone to creating a sea of rectangles in their app grid

@shellkr Uhm... πŸ€” Upside down G arrow? It's intended to be a "replay" arrow, just like the one that appears when finishing a video on the YouTube Android app

@lisbonjoker Huh, interesting idea πŸ€”

I was planning to use the yellow/black striped ribbon that GNOME uses for their apps, but what you say sounds more interesting

@paoloredaelli I was planning adding PeerTube support at some point, but that would be after releasing a stable version πŸ˜…

> too many ppl revert to the Mastodon icon, which we found disconcerting.

@dsfgs that's mainly due to the fact that Mastodon is the most popular (although a lot of ppl still don't know that ever exists). But yeah, I agree that we need a more neutral icon, and the one u made looks really cool. I like the choosen colors and the shape, although I was concerned by how it will look on smaller sizes, until I opened it on Inkscape and saw that u recommends using a version with an increased stroke πŸ€”

> They are gamed by people w links to GAFCAM and in our exp almost always produce the result that people don't like.

@dsfgs hmmm... makes sense, although at least based on the answers to the toot, this poll is currently matching with the ppl opinions

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