Well, it seems that I'll be developing on Flutter for the next few days :p

For those who chose the third option, here I share some small variations that I made playing with colors to try to harmonize better and make it less Instagram-like

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Hey! I'm trying to get a better app icon for Replay (the open source YouTube client for GNOME that I'm developing). I've made some progress on it, but I ended with 4 color variants... Can you please tell me which one should I use? And why?

(Boosts are welcome)

Ugh... Getting into r/gnome and finding this kind of things... Makes me wonder if we're making progress as community, or if we're getting filled with toxic people :/

Playing around with GModule πŸ˜‹

I built a library that exposes a GtkApplication, and using GModule I load the library during runtime and launch the app

Implementing the mechanics of the search mode in Replay! There are still some problems to solve, but I think it is going well

Well, Replay currently looks like this. There're still many things that I don't like internally and that I'll see to modify, but I wanted to be able to show something πŸ˜‹

All the WIP is here: github.com/nahuelwexd/Replay/p


I share Pavel's opinion on Signal (which was a bit obvious)

Personally, I prefer Telegram, which offers me many more features and feels more comfortable to use than Signal, and I have been using it for many years (since 2014 IIRC)

Which one do you choose? And why? πŸ€”

In 2020 I made over 986+ commits and 56 Pull Requests towards open-source! Check how your up in 2020 at githubwrapped.tech

Trying to create a cute sidebar for my app...

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More criticals


Spending some time getting Setzer to use libhandy's goodies

I'm still in progress and I'll send the corresponding PRs at the end 😌

I'm not sure how much others will like the idea πŸ€” But I would like the activities view in GNOME to have a blurred background by default

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