I share Pavel's opinion on Signal (which was a bit obvious)

Personally, I prefer Telegram, which offers me many more features and feels more comfortable to use than Signal, and I have been using it for many years (since 2014 IIRC)

Which one do you choose? And why? 🤔

@nahuelwexd personally I prefer too! You are right, it offers many more features and feels more comfortable.

@ademalsasa @nahuelwexd AFAIK Telegram's centralized server is still proprietary and no one can review the source code, which is why I don't use it.

@downey @ademalsasa You've no way of verifying that the published code is the one that runs on the servers, so I don't really see that releasing the source code contributes anything.

Als, there're many authoritarian governments that can (ab)use the Telegram code for the purpose of creating their own messaging service with out of the box surveillance and censorship, so I'm not sure if it would really be a good idea 🤔

@nahuelwexd @ademalsasa Open source was good enough for all of Telegram's clients. But they refuse to do the same for the server. What are they hiding? We will never know.

@joaopinheiro Element I'm only using it for IRC rooms that are bridged to Matrix (like GNOME ones)

Although I understand that it has full encryption for its messages, even those that are saved on the server, which would make it more secure than 🤔 (and more useful than Signal), am I right?

@nahuelwexd moxie0 is a absolute d*ck, I do not trust him a millimeter. So signal gets a big no.

Edit: changed to fit the COC...

@nahuelwexd XMPP + OMEMO, basically Signal's encryption on a federated open protocol, like every communication protocol in this world should be.

@nahuelwexd I work at Signal, so I'm biased. But a few things make me prefer it over Telegram:

1. It's a nonprofit, not a company. That doesn't mean we're automatically perfect, but our incentives aren't the same as a business's.
2. Telegram's security is not as strong as Signal's. For one, secure chats aren't the default on Telegram; on Signal, all chats are secure and synced.
3. Signal's "Note to Self" feature is really useful IMO.

Again, I'm biased, but that's my take.

@EvanHahn "Note to Self" is exactly the same than "Saved Messages" on Telegram (plus you can save your files there, up to 2 GB per file)

Also, how do you encrypt a msg e2e and at the same time you sync it with a server? Is it stored decrypted?

@nahuelwexd Ah, didn't know about that Telegram feature.

When an encrypted message is sent, we send it to ALL of your devices (each of which has its own encryption key). My understanding is that Telegram can only do a secret chat on one device for this reason.

Our e2e is also more resilient to certain kinds of attack, and we don't know who you're talking to. My understanding of other e2e services is that they DO know who you're talking to, just not what you say.

@EvanHahn Sure, then Signal chats may work even better than Telegram secret chats, although then I've to resort to backups to preserve my conversations (feature that I've not seen in Signal when I installed it, and that in WhatsApp clearly didn't work)

I still prefer Telegram and its model of having normal conversations saved on its server, so that I don't have to worry about a safe place to save the backup of my conversations

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