@writeas_dev hm... there doesn't appear to be a way for me to reset a user's password via the admin interface, or am I missing something?

@monsieuricon Right, for now just shoot me their username and we'll reset their password for you.

@writeas_dev ok, can you please delete user "boris" so that I can re-invite them and let them set up their account again? TIA!

@monsieuricon Would setting a temporary password work instead? Otherwise for now we can "deactivate" the account until there's a more comprehensive full-data deletion process in writefreely

@writeas_dev If setting a temporary password is easier, then please go ahead and email bp at kernel dot org.

@writeas_dev much obliged! Is this the preferred mechanism of submitting such requests, or should I be sending an email instead?

@monsieuricon Email is generally best -- sometimes we can lose track of messages in the fediverse, with all the social accounts we keep track of. hello at write dot as will always get you a response.

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