me a long time ago and so many people: wait there is no way to delete anything from pgp keyservers ever, including real names (of course deadnames), email-addresses and photos, what is wrong with you people and in what world do you live in

pgp: it's a feature

people: *exploit that for evil in an obvious attack*

pgp: [surprised pikachu]

@CobaltVelvet I wouldn't trivialize this whole thing. For one, SKS keyservers are not an integral part of PGP. It's a convenient service with a lot of drawbacks that were understood, but nobody cared enough to counter it. Second, this was seen as a transparency requirement same as TLS certificate transparency today. If you get a certificate for today, you can never delete it from the records.

@CobaltVelvet transparency is a double-edged sword with no handle -- it will hurt someone who does not handle it with extreme care.

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