Some kernel developers now have their blogs hosted on, which is a WriteFreely instance with ActivityPub syndication. For example, try out @gregkh.

See more here:

@monsieuricon i don't see a post on our mastodon instance. I would like to comment a post from there.

@davidak I believe new posts will show up. @write_as may know more details about how ActivityPub integration works.

@monsieuricon @davidak Right, Mastodon doesn't automatically pull in existing posts when it discovers an account on another instance. But once someone on your instance is following an account, new posts will show up there.

To get around this, you can search for the full URL of a blog post from your Mastodon search bar -- that'll make it fetch / import the post so you can interact with it.

@erdnaxeli @monsieuricon @davidak Individually searching for old ones from Mastodon should pull each one in.

@erdnaxeli @monsieuricon @davidak Indeed. There's a very old issue to fix it that I've tried to push along, but there seemingly isn't much interest in it:

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