Youtube channel suggestions for a nerdy 8-year-old enby kid who wants to see people like them do awesome computer/science things?

Niantic's Wizards Unite 

Newsflash: copying 11TB from California to Tokyo takes a long freaking time.

Oh, I get it, it's called "Zoom" because that's what the camera does when someone can't see you changing your clothes from across the room.

If you've started following me because of the "patches carved in developer sigchains" article but are not sure about SSB, this is a good write-up that will let you wrap your head around it:

I may as well quit my job because the most perfect #infosec video has already been made.

@write_as Hmm... it would appear that 0.10.0 is still not supporting language-c (though I believe it was supposed to start supporting it).

Kinda mad at Niantic for not releasing WU un Canada. I mean, the population here is less than that of the state of California, so what's the point of excluding it from the roll-out? Hrmph.

Pro tip: don't put things in your resume that you don't quite understand. Case in point: "transitioned from the Nginx server to a VPN." Wat? Wat?

Hmm... I posted this: but I don't see it in my Home timeline on Is federation between and working? @downey @write_as

Newer AF-P lenses required applying a firmware update to my Nikon-D5300 in order for it to be fully compatible. Imagine my dismay when the only download options were "Windows" or "Mac". Thankfully, the .exe's are just RAR self-extract archives that can be handled with "unrar -e", and the actual procedure is copying those .bin blobs to the removable media. Quite relieved that I didn't have to go scouring my backups for the ancient Windows VM.

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