Hi, is this Maxime Bernier? Yes, Hi. Hope the door doesn't hit your racist privileged white ass too hard on your way out. Actually, I hope it does. Have a nice rest of your useless life. Bye.

Nice try, Google Play, but you failed pretty hard at this.

Bah, toolbox/podman in Fedora 31 Silverblue beta is broken. Which is totally a deal-breaker for Silverblue.

Week one complete. Two more to go. I miss red wine sometimes.

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I'm also on a warpath to lose about 30 lbs to reduce the load on my knee that's been giving me some trouble lately. It'll take longer than a few weeks, though. :)

I'm taking an alcohol break till Thanksgiving weekend (Oct 14 in Canada). I do these on a regular basis and I feel it's time for another one.

Downside of a week of traipsing around Portugal and Spain with wife and kids -- doing so in a 6-speed diesel station wagon (thanks, Sixt).

Upside -- everything else! \o/

@writeas_dev hm... there doesn't appear to be a way for me to reset a user's password via the admin interface, or am I missing something?

Methane freezes at the temperature of -182°C. I know because my 8-year old was curious to find out if it ever gets cold enough in the winter for your farts to freeze solid.

Deactivated my twitter account. It's been months since I've used it, and the latest compromise of Jack's account proves to me that keeping mine alive is a liability.

@superruserr Can I submit a guide request? An rsyslog configuration that uses S3 for storage with hourly log rotation and am S3 glacier configuration that makes rotated logs immutable for a year. :)

I read a book about how people in the 19th century used really horrible chemicals for fun and profit. You know, the goode olde days when stuff like arsenic, lead and mercury were common household ingredients.

Anyway, pretty sure our grandchildren will read about Twitter, Facebook and Google with similar incredulity.

Youtube channel suggestions for a nerdy 8-year-old enby kid who wants to see people like them do awesome computer/science things?

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