If you have a Time Turner and access to polyjuice potion, you can change yourself into whoever you stole some hair from, travel back one hour, and make out with your regular-looking self while the potion lasts. I don't think McGonagall considered this before giving the Time Turner to 14-year-old Hermione in book 3.

Heck, Etar uses Russian in the title and French in the description. How f'd up is that?

Is there a reason why F-droid is so f'd up when listing apps? I mean, why am I seeing app descriptions in 3 different languages? Sure, they happen to be the ones I can understand, but I sincerely hope F-droid doesn't keep tabs on my linguistic abilities.

For her PBS Online series, Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe discusses some of the misconceptions about the impact of change on : "aren't Canadian emissions pretty small? isn't warmer weather really a good thing for Canada?" (video; 9min)


I spent the day nerding out with Python and Ingress and it felt good and wholesome. Now it needs to stop being cold and rainy so I can actually hop on my bike and clock in some game time.

Ideal: speaking multiple languages will help me better communicate with people.

Reality: I can read spam in 4 different languages.

What's up, pachyderms? I haven't been around lately, but I still hope to quit birdsite one day.

So, say there *was* a Linux kernel community manager. What would you want that person to do/be?

Serious question.

YouTube broke NewPipe and I'm mad. There's a fix in place, but it's not in F-Droid yet. Wah.

Not being super productive today because I feel like I'm teetering somewhere on the edge of getting the dreaded con rot. Hopefully, I get to dodge it this year.


I enjoyed Vancouver very much, but it's time to go home.

Still using RSA for OpenSSH authentication?

You should read: latacora.singles/2018/08/03/th

tl;dr: OpenSSH uses by default the md5 hash of your password to encrypt the id_rsa private key.

Good news, you can fix it by running this command (with -o it uses the improved key-format):
ssh-keygen -o -p -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Or even better, generate a new ed25519 key (they use the improved key-format by default):
ssh-keygen -t ed25519

Thanks @amenthes for pointing me to the article!

#openssh #infosec #linux

Slides from my Linux Security Summit presentation on QubesOS and CopperheadOS


(advance with spacebar is easiest)

One of the most frequent questions we get is: Why doesn't Tusky support push notifications?

Because pushing to devices would require us to use proprietary Google libraries and to run a relay server. But we want Tusky to be pure FOSS (free and open-source software) and don't want to send any data to Google so we decided not to implement push notifications at this time. We are researching other possibilities to make notifications faster though.

On my way to YVR for the Linux Security Summit and Open Source Summit North America. ✈️

Open Source Challenge.

Name the last 3 open source software you donated too.

Remember donation is not just about money it could be code, documentation, or even filing and participating in a bug report.

I hope not to bore you all with zealotry of a recent convert, but you all have to try a tiling window manager like i3wm. It's going to change how you interact with your DE in a positive way.

From the cringworthy webmaster mail department.


linux 2.0.0 kernel ,How to setup 8139d netcard?

8139too.o no pass
8139.c no find.
"*.h" no find/

Can you provide the above documents?

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