Sometimes I think I need an introduction to David . I do not know whether to start with the Berlin years, Ziggy Stardust or Black Star where it all ended. I like his collaborations with Queen and Placebo but I do not know whether he convinces me as a solo artist. For sure I know some songs like Heroes, The Man Who Sold The World and Space Odddity. So if someone can guide me the first steps this would be great.

Gaining back control when the ship is in heavy waters for days feels liberating. Now sailing back into well known waters. Be home tomorrow when the Odyssey will end with lots of deprivations; but it will end.

I may write more about this but not for now, still not reached the shore.

When leaving Gothenburg I saw this graffiti on a stadium pillar.

Weaving loom at the wall in the hotel. In this area there was a lot weaving industry in the past.


Open Source Firmware Conference is great so far.

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I am at Open Source Firmware Conference: osfc.io/.


Probably the best record to me released this year is "Sharon van Etten - We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong". It's much more engineered than her earlier work which pushed me away in the beginning, but I really learned to like it.

Pendelverkehr: 5 Züge nach Süden, einer nach Norden. Was verstehe ich an dem Wort Pendel falsch? Der Pendelverkehr ist seit 3 Wochen eingerichtet. Warte wieder seit > 30 Minuten. Bahnsteig überfüllt. Wie schwer kann es sein ?

The postman was inside the house, the keys to all the buildings in that area outside the house in the basket of his bicycle.

I do not know how the situation in other countries is. But in Germany people still use the term smartphone instead of mobile phone or telephone. I never understood the term. Maybe I am not smart enough. 😆

KüfA (kitchen for all) today was great. We were 4 people cooking and had about 10 guests. 2 of them want to cook with us the next week. Also we decided to do KüfA from now on again every week and not every other week like we did since the pandemic. Yay!. One of the visitors grew up in the area and told us stories from his childhood which I found interesting.

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