Collected apples and a pear fro trees in my area and made an apple pie.

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Since I was young (already more than 20 years), I am watching Arte Tracks, a french german telivision show. Tracks tells short stories about culture, art and music from an alternative perspective. For first time viewers, some of the shows can be disturbing as blood, horror and sex/gender are often subjects of Tracks.
I am still discovering this extraordinary show.

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Depuis mon plus jeune âge (déjà plus que 20 ans), je regarde Arte Tracks, une émission de télévision franco-allemande. Tracks raconte des petites histoires sur la culture, l'art et la musique d'un point de vue alternatif. Pour les premiers spectateurs, certaines émissions peuvent être dérangeantes car le sang, l'horreur et le sexe sont souvent des sujets abordés par Tracks.
Je découvre toujours à nouveau ce émission extra-ordinaire.

The best things you ever wished to happen:

During resilvering my NAS somehow a SATA power cable of one disk lost connection to the disk. No disks damaged, but all data lost and has to be restored from the backup.

August was a full month of vegan food for me with two planned exceptions. It went mostly fine. Thanks to @blinry for good advice. Highlights were self made wraps with self made humus and twice vegan sushi made with friends.


Pasta with lentils, onions, tomatos, ginger, lemon, oat cuisine and hot spices.

I have some need of some vegan snacks for the evening. So far kiwis are great.


I try to eat the August only food.

Baked potatos
Chili flakes

Accompanied with tomato onion salad with olive oil and balsamico and an oolong tea.

Listening to Beach Boys - The warmth The Sun, whilst after a day of heavy rain the sky turned light blue with white clouds.


Vegan food at Feldstern ( tastes good. I was there about two weeks ago for the first time in a decade. I think it is a nice place to have a snack when you are in Karoviertel.

climate interview 

The interviews are subtitled on youtube, so you can let them auto translate to your language.

I think it is desireable to have this discourse in our political discourse.

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Klima Interview 

Maria Göpel ( diskutiert mit Richard David Precht ( zum Thema Ökologie, Ökonomie und Mediendemokratie:


Wie unsere Mediendemokratie funktioniert kann man in diesem Interview mit Jörg Thadeusz ( sehen, dass nur ein paar Wochen vor dem ersten Interview geführt wurde:


Als Letüre empfehle ich "Die neuen Grenzen des Wachstums" (


Clean hands:

I don't remember when, but I think it started at a sushi restaurant about a decade ago, that I used chop sticks to eat krupok (crab chips). Put some hot sauce on it and enjoyed it. At home I tried to eat potato chips like this and never changed. First world problem, clean fingers on the keyboard solved. First world problem eating potato chips not solved.

Watched Deutschstunde, a movie based on the novel by Siegfried Lenz (

I like that the story plays at the northern sea. It feels home.

It is a slow and quiet movie. But the content is so brutal.

I think it is important to keep the memories alive of a time that showed us how brutal humans are, so that we do not repeat such horror.

I was running the browser ( again. But still find it laggy on modern web sites. Having installed it from . Scrolling is no fun for the eyes. So I wait and check back later.

Si vous pensez que l'aventure est dangereuse, essayez la routine...
Elle est mortelle!

I have never read a book from Paolo Coelho but I rediscovered this quote on a car at the baltic sea.

beach photos 

Again on the way to the salty sea. A bit scared by the many other tourists. Hope the place where I am heading is not too crowded.

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beach photos 

Swimming in the water felt good. There were two international regattas in the bay. Reminded me of my youth sailing: Dreieck-Diagonale-Dreieck-Zielkreuz.

The cliffs are just a 5 minutes walk from here but today I stay here reading a book.

Changed router from pfsense to , since the last update of pfsense damaged the whole system and I was unable to rollback or retry the update via serial console. Last used openWRT before Luci was a thing, besides freifunk. So only 1 BSD system remains at home. The rest is running linux variations.

The websites on the internet are mostly broken. Why is it almost impossible to deliver websites without javascript? Why does every newspaper have an image for every article? Why are websites become so unreadable with text browsers? Why are websites so horribly structured these days? How do differently abled people browse the without getting headaches?

How do you sync your agenda with either calDAV or an application on your phone? did not work for me several years ago. But I did not follow the direction it took since then.
Any suggestions?

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