Helping a colleague debugging today helped me understand a part of the codebase that I did not know yet.

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Wenn wir ein 9 Euro Ticket haben, können wir dann nicht mal darüber reden den als allgemeines Gut kostenlos jemensch zur Verfügung zu stellen und die Preise für den zu senken?

Thanks for the memories your talk was giving me, @aiscarvalho and @rlafuente.

I used gphoto2 a long time ago to extract photos from my camera and resize them to put them on a website. At a point in time, when I refactored the script which did this, I ended up with only the last photo in original size and thumbnails for all photos of an event. A tiny mistake was overwriting one file with another. So I lost photos and started doing backups.

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When watching , unfortunately somehow the stream quality was too bad to watch the videos. We did a 4 people in person event because we liked the conference the year before so much, but it ended up us talking about own projects and eating the delicious buffet we made.

So now the videos are online:

I enjoy watching " Design in the command line: Recipes for tasty outcomes":

Hopefully next year we can do a watch event again.

Since the weather is so nice the past days I started going out in a park to read a book. So I finished the first book yesterday in the train and ordered 2 other books on Friday. Now I am reading the second part of the Neuromancer trilogy. Since I am travelling the following 4 weekends by train I think I might get more pages read. Taking time to read books is nice. I just really do not read books at home.

Im Varieté gewesen. Viele nette Menschen getroffen, die man seltener sieht; frisch Abgewanderte, Menschen die dort schon länger wohnen, Menschen mit denen man gute Erinnerungen hat.
Sehen wie ein Arbeitskollege und sein Sohn einen richtig guten Abend haben.
Mein Abend war auch richtig gut!



getrocknete Tomaten

Verstärker Musik 

"Jeder geschlossene Raum ist ein Sarg"

I am sharing this thread because I think it is important.

I met Alec Muffet at lqdn-teahouse at chaos communication congress in Hamburg some years ago. I do not think he will remember me, but the conversation about how facebook was using tor hidden services and his experiments with raspberry-pi-clusters stuck in my head since then. I have good memories on those conversations we had at chaos events.

For more information please read:

Migrating nested SVN-Repositories to GIT is not an easy task.

Listening to "The Notwist - Neon Golden" Record after years. It is such an indietronica master piece.

Having good memories seeing them live mixing their Metal roots with the indietronica on stage. Or playing with a huge Jazz Orchestra Combo.

Interesting podcast episode about running a LISP REPL on a space craft floating in space.

"It is so much easier to terraform Earth than it is to terraform Mars."

We should act now to make this planet more and longer inhabitable.

Won race against a race condition today.
[✓] do sports

Watching the movie again. Popculture, the 90s so much cliché but I like it everytime I see it.

music Indie Pop Rocks carefully compiled by Elise Nordling was a joy for my ears and soul for the past 20 years.

At any time I visit the playlist of the past played artists, I have at least visited a concert or own a record of one them.

When not listening to the station for some time I always happily recover that source of inspiration and well being.

Thank you!

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