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🔧 Happy to report that our team has fixed the the #Firefox iOS bug that was preventing people from using CryptPad

How it started:
How it's going:

🟢 The fix is now live in FF iOS v104.2

MemLab looks really promising. Glad to see some serious tooling start to emerge for finding client-side memory leaks in web apps!

Nice little touch in running 43. Ability to take a screen shot from the menu.

Patent troll attacks against open source projects are up 100% since last year. Here's why

I'm quoted in a ZDNet article on the surge of patent troll attacks on #OpenSource

A newcomer referred to the fedi as a "Twitter alternative" the other day. I wanted to respond but didn't want to be unwelcoming, and at the time I couldn't think of a non-snarky response.

I don't think of the fedi as a "Twitter alternative". I was never really able to get into Twitter. At this point I think of it as not just the only social media that makes a positive contribution to my life (and thus the only social media I use at all), but because of you all, it's the most valuable thing to me on the Internet.

If you have a young kid, are when you actually get lots of work done

1.4.0 now available via my :

Coming to @debian unstable (and then testing) soon, once we sort out my uploading permission for this package

A whole lot of crypto scammers breaking a sweat right now in response to news that DOJ considers calling hacker payoffs "bug bounties" to be criminal obstruction

software/hardware rant 

just found out the kids "virtual labs" program they need for science class is windows/mac only (which they don't really mention until after you've paid for it)

it's an electron app, so somehow they took a portable program and managed to fuck it up by making it platform-specific; nice going there.

so it's looking like I'll have to replace my kids' perfectly good laptops so we can find something that will dual-boot windows. chalk another one up for developer laziness contributing to e-waste.

Patreon apparently decided that because it’s been 7 years since their last data breach that the security team is just dead weight. I mean, if there’s no breaches happening, why spend the money on security, right?

Do amazon ask for the footage, or do they just decide they own it? They shouldn't even be looking at footage unless the doorbell owner asks them to! How do they even find "worthwhile" videos? Do they outsource 100's of oversees workers to watch and watch and watch until they find something "fun" for pennies per day?

New TV Show Made From Viral Ring Camera Surveillance Footage

Just had a productive chat with people representing interests of:

• Endless
• Flathub
• Purism
• Red Hat
• indie apps

…and probably more. I wore my System76 shirt, and elementary, VLC, and Thunderbird all came up.

Open source is one big, fun family.

CLIENT: We are pleased to announce the completion of our long transition to 100% encrypted services.

ME: Oh, thank God

CLIENT: For your records, a copy of our private key is attached to this email

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