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@chronrevisited @natecull A big realisation of mine about five or six years ago was that changes in media have huge effects on the societies in which they emerge, and always have.

Smartphones, Broadband, Dial-up Internet, the Web, cable TV, talk radio, FM radio, television, paperbacks, radio, cinema, telephone, phonograph, mass magazine publishing, telegraph, mass literacy, printing (and multiple revolutions there), papermaking, Arabic numerals, maths, writing, trigoonometry, mapmaking ...

The first hunter-gatherer tribes which worked out speech, basic logistics, maps, and military strategy (or agriculture) had huge advantages over those which hadn't. And it's compounded since.

Marshall McLuhan and Elizabeth Eisenstein especially develop this concept.

The subturing language I shipped was a huge success because it was constrained but I've never met someone who hasn't slung haskell who saw the value of limited power.

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The new article in Wired about the history of BBSes really captures what was nice about them back then.

Original tweet :

How do you design a CPU for functional languages like Haskell?

Use a stackmachine where the function referenced by each head is popped with a given number of arguments copying the referenced function body into its place on the stack with argument references replaced & relative references resolved.

Opcodes are added for arithmatic, with ints shuffling the stack to ensure they're fully resolved before the arithmatic.

This has been prototyped on FPGAs!


Pika Backup 0.4 with support for scheduled backups has been released. You can learn more about this release in my blog post or directly try it out.

Pika Backup is focused on backups of personal data with an emphasis on usability.

:covid19: 🤦‍♂️ Today is a good day to point out that there are 15,000,000+ dead from and poor countries are still only 15% vaccinated.

FACT: The WILL continue until people and countries stop being selfish.

1️⃣ 💉
2️⃣ 😷
3️⃣ 🌬️
4️⃣ 🧍🏽↔️🧍🏽
5️⃣ 💸🔜🌍

I first joined Mastodon in Sept 2021. I was increasingly appalled by the algorithm-determined timeline and curious to see whether the alternative would work. Around the same time, a large number of Chinese users discovered Mastodon because of the increasing tightening control in China-based social media platforms.
I now enjoy my experience at a Chinese language instance so much that I am desiring the same for my work and life beyond the Chinese language environment.

Major Court victory against #Vizio Friday evening. After hearing oral arguments from both sides, The Judge quickly decided to remand our case back to California state court!

Smartphones and tablets are here to stay. GUIs are a part of life.

The solution isn't to push users back to the command line. The solution must be to bring composability to the graphical environment.

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Spotify is testing a new profile feature that lets select artists promote their #NFTs - go home, @Spotify, you're drunk...

Annie Lennox of Eurythmics with a Tandy 200, and Dave Stewart laying with his head on her lap.

Had a chance to tell some peope how utterly garbage web3 is in real life yesterday. So that was pretty cool.

Started poking around on YouTube for inappropriate zydeco covers in case I could somehow dream this thing into existence and did find this, which I guess isn't THAT big of a stretch but... huh, this is actually pretty good

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Hey everyone, I've had a few people ask and I'm not having problems with the moderation work-load, but thanks for checking!

You're generally very easy on me as a mod

The bigger reason why I closed sign-ups here is that building community just isn't something that can be done at scale

It takes relationship-building, getting to know people, connecting with them, vulnerability, consistency and investment in each other

And no it won't be the same as academic Twitter


Have you seen Twitter?

is updated for 28!

And from the site that ... Emacs has an ePUB mode. But of course.

davdunc: have you tried Emacs' nov.el mode for reading epubs? darn, didn't know it existed

> However, because it is an open format, you can use the excellent nov.el mode and read Mastering Emacs from inside Emacs!

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