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I'm #hiring - do me proud #fediverse and show you can find me a good candidate by boosting for visibility!

Are you a UK-based person with #infrastructure experience? I am hiring for 2 great #jobs. #hybrid working (remote with currently 1 day/week in London). #linux #foss
Great opportunity to work in the exciting area of High Performance Computing. Closing date 15th may so hurry!

Alright, you can't tell me that anybody wouldn't fall for this in the first moment

This is one of the most spectacular sunsets I ever saw while working at ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile.

The Atacama Desert is extremely dry, but clouds do show up sometimes. That day there were several dark clouds releasing very light rain that vaporised before reaching the ground. These wispy veils (called "virga") were lit by the golden sunset light, creating a lovely contrast with the blue sky above.

#astronomy #astrophotography

Emacs vs vscode 

@freakazoid @shapr context: I've tried really hard to like VS Code and adopt it because of its popularity in my team, but failed to see the point of it.

Remote editing was actually one of the things that almost kept me using it, except it turned out to be very flaky in practice, and incompatible with a bunch of the systems I need to work with.

One week ago I launched

Since then, 515 people registered and have been added to 1800+ topics!

Discovery is important, and while we strive to fill this void, our ultimate goal is to help standardize discovery across the fediverse.

Every #fedi project should have this directory! #activitypub #fediverse #fediverseInfo

The Vatican apparently wants to build a... metaverse? VR? NFT.... thing? to "democratize art?"

But it doesn't involve selling NFTs?

And it partnered with some hand-wavy metaverse company that's built a bunch of hyper-sexualized 3D avatars?

Sure whatever.

Watched Star Trek: Strange New Worlds last night and I was pleased they went straight for the notion that Star Trek is a post-post-apocalyptic setting. Like, it’s a hopeful future, but also a warning.

Happy Mother’s Day to Cheddars, the only biological mother in this house

I implemented multiple new features in Tokodon this weekend!

1. We now have rudimentary support for cards. So now you can get some information about the link before clicking on them.

Not to dash other contributors' hope, the swag is only the shirt 😅

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Media apps and GrapheneOS 

Forbes and Foreign Policy don't work on GrapheneOS, which is OK because I don't really read them much anyway so I probably wouldn't have renewed.

Politico does work, and I've been thinking about subscribing to that for a while.

Trump, Truth Social, and federation 

There's a fake "truth social" instance that's federated, and it's confusing. The admin appears to post mostly news and info from India, but there are accounts on there that either think it's really Trump's social network, or they're fake accounts posting fake information.

One account posted info about how Biden is a Satan-worshipper.

I haven't blocked the whole instance from federating with, but I have blocked it at my personal account level.

i mean firstly not everyone has a phone and you’d be locking anyone who doesn’t out of everyone

secondly how can you use your phone as 2fa if it’s your only authentication

thirdly passwords can be really secure the issue here isn’t get rid of them it’s get people to use a password manager. this is like. “public transport is bad because the train platforms are dangerous, so we are gonna get rid of public transport all together”

and ofc there’s the whole privacy thing because it removes your ability to not have all your accounts connected together, wanted an account to not be known as yours by tech giants? shucks sorry not allowed

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I’m not often a fan of the FTC, but this is such sweet justice for the US ISPs who chronically underinvest in infrastructure then complain

Funny, how people often ask for the best “beginner Linux”. Like if there’s a simple version of Windows or MacOS to compare with :)

We shipped quite a few improvements to!

✨ Popular + Trending + Recent topics

⚡ Call to action for easier submissions

✨ Secure mode supported (signed requests)

⚡ Improved profile resolution w/ webfinger support

✨ New projects added, and pleroma added to feature table on landing page

What else would you like to see? #fediverseInfo

@adam Bigger, smarter companies that do not have sometimes the luxury to buy another company, even through a proxy company in the case of overseas companies, do hack into each other with stealing intellectual property in mind. A book called "This is how they told me the world ends" goes in-depth to this market of 0-days and how it relates to both governments and companies hacking for the upper hand. (3/?)

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