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I’m not often a fan of the FTC, but this is such sweet justice for the US ISPs who chronically underinvest in infrastructure then complain

Funny, how people often ask for the best “beginner Linux”. Like if there’s a simple version of Windows or MacOS to compare with :)

We shipped quite a few improvements to!

✨ Popular + Trending + Recent topics

⚡ Call to action for easier submissions

✨ Secure mode supported (signed requests)

⚡ Improved profile resolution w/ webfinger support

✨ New projects added, and pleroma added to feature table on landing page

What else would you like to see? #fediverseInfo


Prior to running for Senator, VP Harris was going to run for re-election as CA state AG. Her target? Going after companies who are breached but did not meet the CISC top 18 security controls. Not civilly, but criminally.

Her reasoning was that society was basically subsidizing the bad behavior of companies at protecting CA citizens and their data.

Notably, she received huge donations and suddenly ran for Senator; she never revisited the topic. But the fiscal response from tech companies in CA should be enough to tell you they know how wrong they are.

As far as decriminalizing "hacking", I guarantee you that many corps would immediately start attacking each other, either directly or through proxies (more so than now). As one very successful fund investor told me, "Corporations have the moral compass of a three year old who wants a cookie." I've not seen her proven wrong yet.

@adam Bigger, smarter companies that do not have sometimes the luxury to buy another company, even through a proxy company in the case of overseas companies, do hack into each other with stealing intellectual property in mind. A book called "This is how they told me the world ends" goes in-depth to this market of 0-days and how it relates to both governments and companies hacking for the upper hand. (3/?)

If you are a major corporation in the US (and likely other jurisdictions too), you can have absolutely negligent computer security and according to the law, it's not your fault if you get compromised. It's the fault of those who "gained unauthorized access to a computer system".

The only thing that matters, criminally, is whether or not you authorized that access. So your password was solarwinds123? That's fine. It's not your fault. It's the fault of the criminal.

Maybe it is time for reform?

@fleshroots @toastal @Gargron

#Codeberg is the right place to be, being a #Gitea forge, and with a number of different projects collaborating to federate and democratize Code Forges, like @forgefriends, #ForgeFlux and the @gitea project itself.

If interested, there's a shared matrix room at:

I am reading the #Bluesky #ADX architecture outline. First impression is that it seems quite complicated. The topology looks a lot like the fediverse but everything is a Merkle tree and identity is tied to something that looks a lot like a blockchain.

@Algot @juliaferraioli @webmink @kgerloff Cloning the BIOS wasn't really open source, though. It was first done by Compaq, but they kept their clone proprietary; and then it was done by Phoenix Technologies, who also kept their clone proprietary but licensed it out relatively affordably. The white-box PC makers were all licensing it from Phoenix.

Some positivity for y'all: Today, in the morning, I had to use the Mastodon appeals UI (as moderator), and found two problems. One actual bug, one very ambiguous UI.

Reported them, and they were fixed, reviewed and merged, in under 24 hours. Pretty cool.

How many distinct employers do you have swag for in your home?

They have to be employers that someone in your house works for or has worked for in the past. If you picked up some random company's swag at a conference, it doesn't count (unless it's otherwise valid).

Swag you disposed of doesn't count.

Remember that this is a count of different companies, not pieces of swag.

Even if you haven't been employed before, your relatives might have swag.

Good news! is now available on 20.04 and up via my :

It's uploaded to Mentors too and I just need to find someone to review and then sponsor an upload.

This post is day 21 of my challenge

Box of power-over-ethernet kit, and a box of ethernet-over-power kit.

I have a strong urge to put each inside the other. #sysadmin

Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

For those hosting #Drupal sites on Pantheon and appreciate their DevOps tools, but not their steep pricing tiers, Amezmo has proven to be a good alternative.

More on this from @hanabel at

My big problem with those donation economies - patreon, github sponsors, etc - is that they tend to concentrate on a few big people.

People join a mastodon instance and try to give to Gargron, who already gets *checks notes* a bit over 6000€ per month.

Instead of doing that, check if your local admin needs it more, tbh

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