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How is it the government is constantly surprised by long planned events?

The New Year’s Eve missive asked the carriers to postpone their planned 5G launch by “no more than two weeks” while officials worked to address the wireless services’ effect on specific airports over the coming weeks.

Why not study the effect two weeks ago? It's not like they didn't already get an extension to do so.

The companies postponed a planned December debut of the new signals to provide more time for telecom and aviation regulators to share information about the wireless infrastructure and aircraft equipment in question.

I really care about the ability to support independent artists and FOSS folks, and providing alternatives to contemporary gatekeeper tech (Paypal, Patreon, etc) *is* important in that path imo.

But maybe a reframing, and even pointing at lesser known solution spaces, is needed.

On both the #Nezha and the Lichee RV D1 #RISCV boards, #oreboot is now up and running #Linux, including ethernet and kexec, so that we get a #LinuxBoot environment. \o/

GPIOs also work nicely, so I can toggle an LED. ^^

Next up is testing distros, including @opensuse, @ubuntu, @debian and @fedora.

It makes me sad to see that conferences of folks I once considered "my community", like, are only using proprietary centralised social media (from what I can see) and eschew distributed open media. I wonder what video conferencing system they'll use, and what back channels. I'm hopeful they'll use #FOSS technologies for that, but seems like a long shot. Most "open" communities seem too harried to actually us open tools. Which strikes lots of sour notes.

Whether it's Go, C#, or Swift, I don't think it's a great idea to write code in a programming language dominated by a single megacorporation.

Gov. Larry Hogan gave some staggering statistics about Maryland to Dana Bash on State of the Union this morning:

92% of Marylanders are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus (I'm assuming this is the old definition of two shots of Pfizer/Moderna or one of J&J, rather than three with the booster, but please #GetABooster if it has been six months past your second Pfizer/Moderna or two past your J&J).

75% of the 2000 Marylanders who are currently hospitalized are unvaccinated. #GetVaccinated

Hospitals in Maryland and everywhere else are overwhelmed. Daily cases in the USA are at record highs right now. Wherever you live, you don't want to be hospitalized because you didn't get a simple series of shots.

I’ve been going through the links on the web0 manifesto and seeing your lovely personal sites and reading about your projects and it has made me feel less lonely and more hopeful.

So I just wanted to say thank you! 💕


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A farmer, a fox, and a chicken need to cross the river and they only have two rapid antigen tests among them. What is the optimal testing strategy if the farmer and chicken share a household but the fox had a negative PCR on Wednesday?

Is an engineer working in a social media company a "social engineer"? Are they doing "social engineering"? :stallman_thaenkin:

George Takei responding to #CRT nonsense, "I had a white friend. I liked him and I think he liked me, too. But then Pearl Harbor happened and whites became hostile and unpleasant. I am sure we didn’t do anything but they sent us to camps anyway. And now they don’t want to teach about this because it make kids feel bad"


Wait until Xi realizes that Winnie the Pooh went public domain a few days ago...

To any musicians on Bandcamp:

Can you ask the Bandcamp support, why they use Google Analytics with their shared players?
I myself do not want to have _my listeners on my_ sites tracked unasked by Google
_at all_.
This is also a legal issue for any site owner within the EU.

I've asked BC's support already, yet unanswered. If we were many asking this we can form a critical mass around this issue.

Thank you for all you do & please boost.

#Bandcamp #tracking #google #privacy #followerpower

Americans are some of the most surveilled people on this planet. Companies build detailed individual profiles of everyone without any oversight or regulation. This data is shared with anyone willing to pay for it including the government.

@michel_slm Telegram combines the worst parts of not having E2EE (Durov and anyone he's friends with or takes money from can read almost all your messages) and of not having content moderation (even though the only valid reason for not being able to do that, E2EE, is not there).

The by Durov on E2EE is getting worse. Sure, his target, is not perfect and from outside you can't tell a bug from an intentional compromise, but Telegram has very limited and proprietary E2EE support and you rely on Durov's say so that they are not handing over user data.

Even if they are not (yet) they could, it just takes one person being coerced or Telegram falling into the wrong hands. Comparing this to WA allowing users to flag offensive messages is disingenuous

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I implore any group using to consider switching to @matrix for public (unencrypted) and private () chats, and services (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc) for announcements. And Discourse.

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