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I really enjoyed the @fsf talks in-between changing diapers! Looking forward to the talks to be uploaded since I missed the morning sessions on both days, and sometimes I want to watch more than one concurrent talks.

@danslerush I <3 Poetry! I'm used to Python packaging being bloodletting, trapanation, and long hours fighting with - 'poetry init' and all is good :)

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Synthesis: An Efficient Implementation of Fundamental Operating System Services - Alexia Massalin @ Columbia University:

LSC, benefits 

When #bigtech #FTE workers drink the #koolaid because they get half the #benefits everyone in the EU automatically get, and loyally defend their employers in the their effort to further damage the social fabric 🤦🏻


PSA: road safety 

First emergency braking with 🐥 on board, to avoid being sideswiped by a motorist who reacted to the turning lane filling up fast without checking their blind spots at all (or indicate in time). How I miss Germany where driver license tests are harder and, more importantly, there's less need to drive!

Baby is fine, the car is fine, the motorist hopefully learned their lesson. As for myself I'll definitely be more defensive when there's more than one lane


For Snowflake volunteers: If you use Firefox, Brave, or Chrome, our Snowflake extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network. Note: you should not run more than one snowflake in the same network.

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#fluffychat has been approved for the iOS AppStore! Thanks to benpa and @matrix for the help with this! You guys are awesome!

Take a minute of your time and go read Michael E. Mann interview of the Guardian today. Well worth your time:

Money quotes: "Any time you are told a problem is your fault because you are not behaving responsibly, there is a good chance that you are being deflected from systemic solutions and policies. [...] Doom-mongering has overtaken denial as a threat and as a tactic. [...] if people believe there is nothing you can do, they are led down a path of disengagement."

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

Uptain Sinclair

Whether it be pollution of the Great Lakes or the pollution of fence line communities today, the rule is the same. Businesses don't decide to take policies to limit harmful externalities unless they believe that it will be better for them in the long run.

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Software and Wetware: updates on my talk, @fedora change proposals, work, and ... oh yes I'm a new parent so I'll be off the grid for a few weeks! See y'all on the other side

This post is day 14 of my challenge

My latest novel is Attack Surface, a sequel to my bestselling Little Brother books. @washingtonpost called it "a political cyberthriller, vigorous, bold and savvy about the limits of revolution and resistance."

Get signed books from @darkdel:


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Over half of data emissions come from streaming online videos. Learn how to use your tech in more environmentally friendly ways in this new #DataDetox Kit article:

Normally I would travel to Brussels for #fosdem right now. 😢

Not sure how much I will be able to participate at the online event but I hope we all can meet again in Brussels next year!

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