@maxamillion yeah, RHEL/CentOS 8 is really quite decent on laptops. Even on AMD Ryzen (it just prints out a scary warning message on boot)

I genuinely enjoy using RHEL on my desktop and laptop machines but I found myself in a HiDPI situation that brought me back to Fedora Workstation on my main laptop.

Fedora Workstation 32 and GNOME 3.36 are both exceptionally good. Kudos to everyone involved!

Ansible Playbooks to replicate my setup if anyone's interested (it's not very customized, but this makes reinstalls easy): github.com/maxamillion/maxible

dotfiles if anyone wants to play along: github.com/maxamillion/dotfile

🙂❤️ #Fedora #RHEL #GNOME

Google already knows too much about us. And now, it wants to get its hands on our sensitive health data too.

We have launched a petition telling the @EU_Commission to block their merger with @Fitbit.

Pls take 1 minute to sign it!


#NotOnOurWatch nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

@tagomago @brian @elliptic While the FSF advocates purism and can only recommend old laptops which aren't even being produced any more, RedHat and Canonical have been hard at work to ensure that users can buy any laptop from Lenovo and Dell and get Linux preinstalled with all the hardware 100% working. This is a huge leap for millions of non-technical users who would otherwise be forced into Windows or macOS.

@codewiz @brian @elliptic

Well, actually I think they just aim for that perfection, but accept that it's not feasible for everyone. They just want regular users to be aware of the big problems that nonfree software poses.

I don't know if you got to read the latest article on Zoom by the (controversial, yes) RMS. It's everything but purist:


The global #OpenStreetMap conference "State of the Map" (@sotm ) is happening this weekend. Instead of meeting in Cape Town, we do it online. The good part: No registration needed, just chime in! 2020.stateofthemap.org/program

Next: "we can’t go back to a pre-AMP web to start over. The discussions about whether the AMP project should be removed, or discouraged for a different framework, have long passed."

Yes we can. And no they haven't.

I expect more from you, EFF. Geez.

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It's not necessarily *my* FOSS projects that I want to be successful, but rather the FOSS ecosytem as a whole. I have stewardship over my little slice of it, but the FOSS ecosystem is a much broader (and singular) thing that I believe we all have a joint responsibility in caring for.

All free software is ours for the improving: projects will welcome our contributions and we should focus on broadening our impact.

To accomplish this, it helps to work on reducing the mental leap it takes for you to go from user to contributor, until the line between the two roles is difficult to distinguish. Contribute early, contribute often, and you'll be rewarded with a healthier free software ecosystem.

when practicing law, I was always mildly amused by phrases like:

> in legal writing, people do [thing]

That is meant to contrast "legal writing" with "other writing", but a part of me always read it as contrasting "legal writing" with "illegal writing".

These days, the same part of me is mildly amused every time I read a phrase like

> In functional languages, people do $THING

“I was in no way deprecating Christopher Columbus’ achievements or expressing any value judgment regarding his place in history. As I stated in an interview with the Milwaukee Press Club last Friday, I do not support efforts to erase America’s rich history — not the good, the bad or the ugly.”



I've made a quick and dirty Merveilles-themed #tokipona logo with Dotgrid. It's quite possible I'll end up redesigning the whole dictionary at some point.


@deejoe makes sense, thanks - well, this is for personal use, and GNOME will prompt to run anyway so I can always double check the script first. I think I'll combine the two approach - have a script for remounting, have one for setting up the udev rule, and have the autorun script just check if the settings match so I don't accidentally run the external drive with the wrong settings.

has some nifty settings that are not default yet - better allocator and discard modes

Lesson learned: SDL2 programming in Common Lisp using SLIME is absolutely painful.

Not because of anything SLIME or SBCL is doing; but, because, calling SDL_Quit() is NOT SUFFICIENT to completely release all the resources it's acquired when you call SDL_Init().

In other words, you MUST rely on your OS to clean up resources after the program ends. SLIME works entirely in-process (that is, it keeps the CL instance running at all times), and so is incompatible with this mode of operation.

software: freedom & mutualism 

another common beef born of misunderstanding is about how much we talk about licenses.

this one plays out in a lot of ways I'm still struggling to express succinctly, but there are a couple of points I want to try to hit

the first is that we didn't write the copyright laws under which effectively no software is born free. The Berne Convention automatically restricts redistribution when software is written.

decentralize > re-decentralize

positing a "return" to some golden age glosses over the fact that access to the Internet in any prior, putative "decentralized" era was highly centralized within the academy and the military-industrial complex.

One might almost posit a rough "conservation of centralization" hypothesis: The Internet became more "accessible"* to a broader range of users only through commercial enclosure.

* abuse of this term is perhaps a rant for another time

@deejoe that will work for one system, but not if I plug it to another machine, right? (Context: I'm about to use this for a backup before reformatting)

Dear - how would I customize the mount options on an external drive, so that when plugged into any system it gets mounted with said options?

Is there a better way than autorun.inf invoking a script that does `mount -o remount`?

@alcinnz I wish more developers bear this in mind and at least make sure everything works on Firefox (and Safari/Epiphany/etc) - and also with JS turned off

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