Hopefully the UK shortage leads to a rethink on wage, it's just weird that they don't see this coming (same with how the visa policy will be really bad for nursing). Somehow I'm pessimistic, given this is the govt that decided to reopen at a too-low vaccination level so now everything stalls when people have to isolate

@przemek yeah, I don't actually think the US model is better. Ideally, if agricultural production is deemed necessary then you make sure the workers needed get paid enough. Both the UK and the US are resistant to this (hello late stage capitalism)...

TFW I finally realized that my blog syndication to Planet @fedora has been broken because when I added Mastodon commenting, I accidentally caused every attribute below the Mastodon settings to break, including.... tags

Tilde Trivia with Tomasino is coming up in 3 hours! Tune in at tilderadio.org and chat with us at tilde.chat.

@przemek the UK's illusion that it's in a position to only let highly-paid migrants in is insane. OK, on paper the US is as bat-shit crazy but in practice it closed a blind eye on illegal farm labor.

One thing I wish object-oriented languages had was the idea of an object *reference* as a first-class data type.

Especially in very dynamic, late-bound, languages like Javascript, where an object lookup on "foo.bar.baz" may only take place when, eg, a function is evaluated.

But there's no way to *pass and store the reference* "foo.bar.baz" except as a string. You can only hard-embed "foo.bar.baz the reference" in code - you can't pass it as data.

This seems like a major missing piece of OOP.

Set a default license, sync your default license across existing posts and self-enforce alt-text media descriptions to improve accessibility.

Shipping Soon! 🚀

#pixelfed #license #accessibility

@friend @natecull hmm, so if a lazy value is passed to a function that also takes a lazy value, it's still evaluated?

Man, thinking about this more makes me see the appeal of Haskell more. Everything's lazy.

A most interesting take on the "8 character" password approach to security. :birdsite:


Quote from picture:

"During a recent password audit at the Bank of Ireland in Strabane it was found that a customer was using the following password: MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofyDublin. When the customer was asked why he had such a long password; he replied, "Bajezus! Are yez feckin' stupid? Shore oi was told me password had to contain at least 8 characters and include one capital!"

@rob @Little__Ham thanks! Probably not necessary yet, I can test against my Bitwarden account or spin vaultwarden up myself

@rob @Little__Ham oh, vaultwarden looks interesting. I was thinking of doing something similar, but rewriting the client CLI instead from NodeJS to Rust

@Little__Ham well then

- vaultwarden (bitwarden compatible server written in rust)
- prosody or ejabberd for xmpp (email like distributed instant messaging), and for the super easy setup snikket
- syncthing ( decentralized peer to peer file sync)
- email ( but might need a bigger or dedicatd VPS for the easiest deployment as its docker, mailu, or one that wants the whole machine to itself - mail in a box)
- gitea ( selfhosted code repositories )
- gonic (airsonic api compatible music streaming server)
- photoprism or lychee (photo sharing like Google photos)
- powerdns ( run your own authoritative DNS server, or resolver)
- adguard home (pi hole but a bit better)
- calibre web (web based version or calibre, the desktop ebook management software. I use synching to sync my local database and books to my server so I have it on the web as well)
- authelia (authentication layer to put in front of services you want extra security, supports 2fa. Good for your media library etc)

What kind of things are you into? I might be able to suggest more interesting things.

Like federated blogging with writefreely.

Or your own invoice and payment management suite with invoice ninja.


216 bytes??!!??

And, yes, do read Charles Stross. Saturn's Children and Neptune's Brood, as well as the entire Laundry series, are amazing.

You can also download Accelerando for free on the Internet, if I remember correctly: antipope.org/charlie/blog-stat

@sng @mwlucas

a brief history:

3 guys create dotCloud during Y Combinator Summer batch 2010
rename to "Docker" and debut at PyCon 2013, released as open source
2014: Windows Server, IBM Cloud, and AWS announce collaborations, raise $15M Series B from Greylock Partners, IVP, Benchmark, Trinity
Federal agencies and In-Q-Tel (CIA) invest and/or maintain contracts since 2016
in 2019, secured $35 million in new financing to restructure
4 months ago, Docker Raises $23MM series B
and finally, today: after granting it admin rights upon initial installation, Docker started asking for $5/mo from me to not install software every day

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