Whoa, I just found out about paste.sr.ht. How do people know about it? It's not on the top nav or on sr.ht

@dredmorbius I should get back on Diaspora. Was holding out for Friendica as it interoperates better, but it seems overly clunky.

Every piece of electronics in your house has a cost, not just in currency but in blood. Often the blood of children. Sometimes the blood of slaves. Our appetite for cheap electronics subsidized by nightmarish misery and indignity is environmentally, financially and morally unsustainable, and it's shockingly easy to forget that. That's why I fix things, that's why I buy secondhand whenever I can, that's why I won't stop banging on about the evil idiocy of unleaded solder and planned obsolescence.

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@FLOX_advocate I'm mostly confused what to watch for the last two talks of the day :p

Going to go with the privacy tax next, though the Authentica-cean talk looks nice too so I have some brain processing power saved up given it's already 6 PM here!

once again, I want to watch all the talks going on in the next timeslot

The Privacy Tax: How tracking and hacking affect disabled people, and what we can do about it

Server platforms: experiment with your expensive hardware too!

Life Amongst the Authentica-ceans 🦀

UI Text: Simplicity is Difficult


The Case Against Tablets

As I hunt for new computing hardware, I’m coming to the conclusion that tablets are simply a mistake. And yes, strongly informed by using one as a primary device for 5 years.

An ultra-light laptop has better utility and vastly superior privacy.

The one killer function, reading documents, seems better served by an e-book reader. ...

I'm exploring this question on Diaspora, with some good suggestions. Upshot is that tablets do most things poorly and virtually nothing well. And the landscape fully sucks.

Text reading and possibly notetaking is the major exception. And for that, an e-ink reader is the preferred option.

I'm surveying what uses people have, multi-response, with a goal more of completeness than representation. Please explain "Other".


#Tablets #Devices #Laptops #Desktops #Servers #Embedded #Mobile #Android #iOS #TheCaseAgainstTablets

@dredmorbius curious to see the result but not voting as I've given up on tablets too. I basically want a laptop with a detachable keyboard, running stock Linux - and that does not exist.

And yeah looking at an iPad's horrible home screen makes my eyes hurt.

might be offensive to some 

@neauoire whenever I see the homeopathy section, yes.

Coming up in a couple of minutes, Radio Astronomy for Programmers.

Total newb here but the abstract sounds fun and I'm getting déjà vu of the first time I watched, then read, Contact


@FLOX_advocate I'm normally on the software side of but between Limor and the folks I'm getting really tempted to start experimenting with !

@FLOX_advocate haha yes. I was guessing she's live from Perth or somewhere, then the shoe dropped.

@mig a company based solely on open source will hopefully stay true to the course.

After all, much as some people find Red Hat's changes to CentOS controversial, being a billion-dollar company (and now multi-billion subsidiary of IBM) does not seem to affect how they operate!

@o0karen0o oh, good to know, hopping on IRC (well, Matrix) now

@mattj @z428 reading up on Snikket with interest (and will try and watch your talk after the event - glares at time zone differences).

Curious about labeling Signal as proprietary - I suppose the implementation is open source (though hard to verify the binaries match) but the protocol is proprietary?

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