Today I learned about a new and improved Pomodoro-technique:


You first make a 25 Minute break and then try to work on something for at least 5 minutes (and if you happen to get into a flow, you might as well continue)

Updated LKMPG to kernel 5.18.14.

It could be said that I am doing the work of BigTech for them. Any of the Linux Foundation members could just hire someone to maintain a book about kernel modules with up to date examples and it wouldn't even make a ding in their profits. But of course they won't do that, and would prefer knowledge about the kernel to be obscure.

Fedora has been real nice on my Thinkpad during the month I have used it.

I guess I'll be staying here for a while


top posting

OK, now that I've got your attention with a controversial topic, can someone point me at a post on whether or not top posting is an advantage for those who depend on screen readers?

I have seen posts over the years that top posting with context is much easier for screen readers

In a web search I'm getting a guides to make a web site accessible or ads for services. I'm glad to see enthusiasm for accessibility, but web site optimization doesn't address mailing list etiquette

3rd party cookies and trackers are like if you agree to meet someone for lunch and without telling you they invite a bunch of random strangers to also join you for lunch and the strangers keep licking your plate and searching your pockets


@aeonofdiscord @neauoire has a good track record powering the pandemic @fosdem (though next year's going to be in person) so this bodes well.

Hopefully they'll be inspired to bridge their Discord server to Matrix too?


I often hear Americans & rich brits justify buying oversized, polluting vehicles by claiming they need them because they live in the "countryside".

I call bullshit, Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce, the Citroen C15⬇


@ldubost I live in Illinois - it's not quite flat as a pancake like Kansas but it's not far off; this is our highest point

Large SUVs, and large pick-up trucks (not pulling or carrying anything) are totally pointless here but they are of course everywhere.

@lanodan everyone moving to the big-endian format used in East Asia, which coincidentally is also similar to the ISO format (year first, then month then day) would be good, actually

@ashshuota I use and Migadu, can't complain about either. Both have very responsive and knowledgeable support

How does this cat have its life together so much more than I do mine

if you overload microsoft.​com with requests, that's an MS-DOS

@thegibson we have meeting rooms named after that movie!

Sadly lost on most of the fresh grads these days

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