@asic @Fairphone and quite cheap if you get it with an MVNO like Mint. We're paying $35/mo for two lines and it would have been cheaper if I hadn't picked a higher data cap just in case

I really like this Intelligence^2 discussion between Yanis Varoufakis and Gillian Tett. Yanis argued that we're in a post-capitalist, #technofeudalism, while Gillian thought #capitalism can be salvaged but what we have now is not it.

One note though: apart from data portability, which is indeed insufficient due to the network effect, forcing interoperability a la #Fediverse or Bluesky (or #email) would free #SocialMedia users to move without losing contacts.


@asic @Fairphone thanks! I'll have to also check if the right frequency bands are supported this time, the US is weird

All Linux and Mac Computers Get Their Time Zones From the Same Database
The whole world (windows too) depends on one man maintaing the project. In the comments you can learn that it is not a problem actually because he does it right and transparently.

There’s a report making the rounds that Netflix suspended a transgender engineer because she publicly criticized the company’s decision to carry openly transphobic content on the platform. As someone who writes about employment law, I think this could give rise to an interesting legal question—namely, can a company’s decision to promote such content be sufficient to create a “hostile work environment” for purposes of U.S. employment discrimination law?

Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition is here! It brings a glossier Breeze theme, a beautiful new wallpaper, new features, faster and re-designed tools and much more.



🎉 Happy anniversary KDE! For this occasion, I painted this artwork (using #krita on #kubuntu, of course).
→ The party continues on 25years.kde.org/

@selea interesting, supposedly the free upgrade is only for systems meeting the stringent Windows 11 requirements, right?

@notimetoplay or are pressured to do so by multinational organizations like the IMF

@kinsey aha, thanks. A friend recently posted a photo that has a restaurant called Yamato in it, and I thought the name felt imperialist but didn't have much context beyond the battleship

As a way of naming the problem “surveillance capitalism” does an impressive job of simultaneously placing and blunting the blame: the problem is the technology…but only the parts of it that are constantly spying on users; the problem is capitalism…but not really capitalism (as such) but just this particular mutation of it.

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Sneak peek:

As a framework for discussing the ills of companies like Facebook and Google, the concept of “surveillance capitalism” has much about it that is appealing to many—for it manages to keep afloat the utopian hopes associated with the early Internet, while still acknowledging that something has gone very wrong.

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Really long read, but very well thought out essay on , and how ex-tech employees often still promote this gospel (and we should listen more to those who have been consistent critics), how critical dependencies should be run in the , and more


@zleap yeah. Mastodon is close to that, right? I feel uneasy with those that use phone numbers, though it does make it easy to switch (eg WhatsApp->Signal)

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