Updated the emojis on my profile to announce that, as of yesterday, I'm now a @debian maintainer! One step towards becoming a developer.

Everyone's been super friendly and helpful, I'm looking forward to writing about my experience (and writing a Rosetta Stone comparing the terminologies and processes of and )


Checking on my package build running inside a on @opensuse@fosstodon.org , from my phone running .

" could solve any problem in computer science" ~ David Wheeler


Have too many repos checked out on your machines? Me too. I've recently written and released myrepos-utils so I can quickly locate the repos I already track with : michel-slm.name/posts/2022-03-

It's on and coming to a mirror near you!

This post is day 18 of my challenge

Dear , any recommendation for external readers that work well with and read modern cards?

My 3.5 year old XPS seems to only read my Lexar UHS-II card through some arcane combination of removing and reinsertion kernel modules, which is ... not ideal and hard to reproduce (I've only gotten it to mount once!).

This is on both 34 and 36 pre-release


Presented at ! If you're interested in contributing to (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) this tool will hopefully help automate your workflows. Contributions welcome! michel-slm.name/posts/2022-02-

This post is day 16 of my challenge

In case anyone is wondering, some of the use cases are having the packages I maintain in and SIG consistently available


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Software and Wetware: updates on my talk, @fedora change proposals, work, and ... oh yes I'm a new parent so I'll be off the grid for a few weeks! See y'all on the other side


This post is day 14 of my challenge

Come watch me and my colleagues discuss what we're working on for @fedora and at this year's @fosdem and CentOS Dojo! From speeding up to managing desktops and servers at scale, these should be fun.

Both free to attend. And our time slots should work for both EU and US attendees since we're doing this from our homes in the US.


This post is day 13 of my challenge

@fedora COPR humor:

If you really want to delete this Project, you'll have to answer this riddle:

4.3 hens lay 0.0 eggs in 3.8 days. How many eggs do 1.7 hens lay in 0.9 days?

Ok, kidding, just type "yes" into the below box.

From Twitter

Impromptu @fedora New Year's Eve Party! The idea was so popular we're gonna use our events platform, but don't let that intimidate you — it's still low-key no-pressure fun. Sign up now and join us tomorrow! All are welcome!


New post: In response to a recent @fedora thread on what packaging tasks could be better automated, I shared the scripts I use to rebuild 's open-source C++ projects


@PINE64 with the @fedora delivery badge from

It actually still has KDE installed, sshh - I'll likely keep it that way and install on an SD card later

New post: run a @fedora 32-bit
VM emulated on x86-64.

Don't ask why I want to do that (TL;DR - I explained it in the blog post). It's slow enough that I took the time to document for my future self.

Surprisingly there are some libvirt commands that are better documented in the administration guides -- which are, luckily, available without subscription.

Day 3 of


Linux installer woes 

with in text mode: it can prompt for encryption password but chokes activating wifi.

In graphical mode: it can activate wifi but complains if you ask for an encrypted partition without hardcoding it.


Dear fellow users - if I want to set up for generating documents on PR/commit, which container is the easiest to base it on?

On my local machine, on I just need to request a single package and it pulls in the right dependencies, but I wonder if there's a with enough texlive already pre-installed

Since the project leader is not on Mastodon -- here goes.

32 is "go" to be released next Tuesday. This is the fifth release in a row where we've matched our planned schedule. Considering the huge amount of upstream change we integrate, this is an amazing feat. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen!


video issues still affecting 5.5

And this, folks, is why I now run the kernel on my boxes. Hear more at in Pasadena next week, our talk is on March 7th!


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