New post: In response to a recent @fedora thread on what packaging tasks could be better automated, I shared the scripts I use to rebuild 's open-source C++ projects

When you discover that not feeding the Chinese public-private surveillance system a.k.a. gets you banned for suspected unauthorized use -- my latest blog post on my journey to disentangle myself from surveillance apps.

Blogging my experience with trying to clean my Facebook activity with the inadequate Activity Log tool.

Caveat lector: does not spark joy

On safety razors and technology, musing about proprietary vs openness in both personal care products and hardware and software platforms.

My personal story, as a employee, of the why and how to move away from our apps. With a plug for 's excellent, recently-released The Social Dilemma documentary.

New post: run a @fedora 32-bit
VM emulated on x86-64.

Don't ask why I want to do that (TL;DR - I explained it in the blog post). It's slow enough that I took the time to document for my future self.

Surprisingly there are some libvirt commands that are better documented in the administration guides -- which are, luckily, available without subscription.

Day 3 of

Joining the challenge! Thanks @kev for starting this. First post provides some background on my plan to progressively use more software and open protocols

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