Good news! is now available on 20.04 and up via my :

It's uploaded to Mentors too and I just need to find someone to review and then sponsor an upload.

This post is day 21 of my challenge

Why I'm deleting my account, and how people can migrate to the and even still follow people on the old site.

This post is day 20 of my challenge

Have too many repos checked out on your machines? Me too. I've recently written and released myrepos-utils so I can quickly locate the repos I already track with :

It's on and coming to a mirror near you!

This post is day 18 of my challenge

Presented at ! If you're interested in contributing to (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) this tool will hopefully help automate your workflows. Contributions welcome!

This post is day 16 of my challenge

Software and Wetware: updates on my talk, @fedora change proposals, work, and ... oh yes I'm a new parent so I'll be off the grid for a few weeks! See y'all on the other side

This post is day 14 of my challenge

Come watch me and my colleagues discuss what we're working on for @fedora and at this year's @fosdem and CentOS Dojo! From speeding up to managing desktops and servers at scale, these should be fun.

Both free to attend. And our time slots should work for both EU and US attendees since we're doing this from our homes in the US.

This post is day 13 of my challenge

New post: I've added an icon for @PixelFed to 's `hello-friend-ng` theme!

Really glad that all the social profiles I list on my blog are now and capable (and many are ) except for GitHub.

cc @dansup - thanks again for your brilliant work on Pixelfed!

New post: In response to a recent @fedora thread on what packaging tasks could be better automated, I shared the scripts I use to rebuild 's open-source C++ projects

When you discover that not feeding the Chinese public-private surveillance system a.k.a. gets you banned for suspected unauthorized use -- my latest blog post on my journey to disentangle myself from surveillance apps.

Blogging my experience with trying to clean my Facebook activity with the inadequate Activity Log tool.

Caveat lector: does not spark joy

On safety razors and technology, musing about proprietary vs openness in both personal care products and hardware and software platforms.

My personal story, as a employee, of the why and how to move away from our apps. With a plug for 's excellent, recently-released The Social Dilemma documentary.

New post: run a @fedora 32-bit
VM emulated on x86-64.

Don't ask why I want to do that (TL;DR - I explained it in the blog post). It's slow enough that I took the time to document for my future self.

Surprisingly there are some libvirt commands that are better documented in the administration guides -- which are, luckily, available without subscription.

Day 3 of

Joining the challenge! Thanks @kev for starting this. First post provides some background on my plan to progressively use more software and open protocols

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