Checking on my package build running inside a on , from my phone running .

" could solve any problem in computer science" ~ David Wheeler


Windows UX rant 

And since I completed the initial setup without a network connection, this is hilariously worded

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My is here! Really nice packaging and build quality. The switches seem fine. Thanks @technomancy for the design and @obra and crew for all the effort going into producing and shipping these!

cc @mkb

@PINE64 with the @fedora delivery badge from

It actually still has KDE installed, sshh - I'll likely keep it that way and install on an SD card later

My personal story, as a employee, of the why and how to move away from our apps. With a plug for 's excellent, recently-released The Social Dilemma documentary.

"We are all Afghans": as someone who maintained a package (0install) that comes first in the Fedora bugtracker, this story sounds familiar - people used to misfile so many issues against it back when the old interface was in use.

@dansup the overlay text (optional image description/optional media license) is really hard to read when MetroUI Dark Mode is toggled. Could perhaps use a lighter color for the text?

Finally got my @conservancy T-shirt! Took it on a first outing to a work event. Will definitely be wearing it again and hopefully someone asks about it and learn about all the good work you guys do

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