I implore any group using to consider switching to @matrix for public (unencrypted) and private () chats, and services (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc) for announcements. And Discourse.

The by Durov on E2EE is getting worse. Sure, his target, is not perfect and from outside you can't tell a bug from an intentional compromise, but Telegram has very limited and proprietary E2EE support and you rely on Durov's say so that they are not handing over user data.

Even if they are not (yet) they could, it just takes one person being coerced or Telegram falling into the wrong hands. Comparing this to WA allowing users to flag offensive messages is disingenuous

tangential opinion (feel free to ignore) 

@michel_slm Telegram has always felt like the overpromise, under-deliver messaging application. I don't feel they have folks best interests at heart, not the least of which is the insistence on SMS for account creation, non-peer-reviewed encryption, and dubious ties to folks that do bad things to folks they don't like.

I've never signed up for a Telegram account in part because there were too many flags, and their instance that they're secure is suspect.

tangential opinion (feel free to ignore) 

@craigmaloney yeah. They have great UX, so I was using it for non-security-critical chats, but am migrating away from them now.

And definitely quitting all the open source related ones if there are better alternatives already. I don't want to encourage them to stay on Telegram.

@michel_slm Telegram combines the worst parts of not having E2EE (Durov and anyone he's friends with or takes money from can read almost all your messages) and of not having content moderation (even though the only valid reason for not being able to do that, E2EE, is not there).

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