Dear Fediverse,

I have this use case of wanting to check out the same Git repos across multiple machines, but not wanting to lock in which branch and revision I'm on.

So git submodule doesn't seem like a good fit.

Short of just using or or somesuch, is there a lightweight way of doing this?


In case anyone is wondering, some of the use cases are having the packages I maintain in and SIG consistently available


@michel_slm @fedora

you mean you want to clone a remote to multiple machines?

in the context of git I think of 'checkout' as refering to a branch, making it the working copy


(it's packaged in Fedora; I use this)

(I haven't used this one; unsure of Fedora package status; also looks good though)

@garrett I'll have to see if I can make it use fedpkg rather than git clone for certain paths, but looks like this is very pluggable

@michel_slm I use Ansible for cloning the most popular gits I want to have everywhere. To keep them up2date (so I do not need to wait ages for git-pull) I use

@mirek I'm tempted to do Ansible but it might be a slight overkill right now.

Actually ... I probably want to write a Python script to use Pagure to grab all packages I maintain and register them into my myrepos config

@mirek that script might make a nice Ansible module at some point

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