Adding to my #2021 - stop using the term 'opensource' unless in a corporate context and say or or instead.

Now can I say 'free hardware' rather than 'open hardware'? Hmm...

Start a brewery
License the recipe GPL and include with every bottle
Call it FreeBeer 🍺 🍻

@cjd @michel_slm recipes can't be copyrighted, so they also can't be GPL'd (since GPL relies on copyright).


@mithrandir @michel_slm @cjd @rysiek Recipe is an algorithm, program is an implementation of an algorithm.
Recipes might be patented in some jurisdictions though, I guess…
So Apache-2.0 would be enough for a free beer~

@michel_slm Good resolution! Regarding the free hardware thing, a lot of the important freedoms with software are still the default with common hardware. I.e. You can use the hardware as you wish (commercially or whatever), you are free to study and modify your hardware, and you can sell your hardware on (even modified). The only thing really missing is the right to make copies of the hardware.

@uglyhack yup! Excited about because there are open cores out there.

This is free hardware: *points at hardware with open source license*

Now, this is open hardware. *Points at normal hardware*

*Grabs sledgehammer*

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