My is here! Really nice packaging and build quality. The switches seem fine. Thanks @technomancy for the design and @obra and crew for all the effort going into producing and shipping these!

cc @mkb


@technomancy @obra @mkb So far the weirdest thing apart from the column instead of row alignment is that Enter is at the bottom right corner.

Typed on my Atreus with reasonably few corrections!

@michel_slm @obra @mkb yeah it takes some getting used to for sure. in many programs (including anything running in the terminal) you can use ctrl-m for enter, since according to ASCII they are literally the same thing. also works with ctrl-i for tab.

@technomancy (a) why did they choose those keys, (b) how am I supposed to remember these shortcuts? Do we have to call it the eMter key now? Do we use tabii for whitespace?

@skyfaller it's actually really interesting; it has to do with the fact that back in the day the control, meta, and shift keys literally masked out bits from the byte of the ASCII character being sent:

and that's why "A" and "a" only differ by a single bit, because the shift key masked the second bit, turning 01100001 -> 01000001

I don't know why "M" maps to enter and "I" maps to tab; I imagine it had to do with the ordering of the control codes being somewhat arbitrary

I thought I replied but apparently I forgot to send - thanks @skyfaller for asking what I was wondering about, and @technomancy for the fascinating backstory

@michel_slm @skyfaller I actually have it remapped in my window manager so that no matter what program is in focus, C-m will send an enter keycode and C-i sends tab. it's nice to have the consistency.

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