@michel_slm Given that most of the air volume that thing moves is due to the venturi effect and doesn't go through the actual filter, I suspect that relies mostly on the strong placebo effect caused by spending $800 on a fan to achieve the perception of cleaner air.

Doesn't matter how good a filter is if the air doesn't actually pass through it.

@freakazoid we'll find out once the air quality monitor arrives, but it hasn't shipped yet. It does heating and cooling just fine so the air does seem to get in through the base, though.

I only paid $400 - for $800 the IQAir purifier looks enticing

@michel_slm I built an air quality monitor. Adafruit has a particle sensor module for $40. Can be read using a TTL serial/usb interface.

@michel_slm (I say built because mine also involves an ESP32, battery, solar panel, charge controller, boost converter, and housing for outdoor use, and handles sleep/wake cycles to conserve power)

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