Linux Weekly News subscription giveaway 

I get my subscription through my @fedora contributions - dating back from when I was a poor grad student, but now that I'm on a stable financial footing I'd like to pay it forward!

For those who have not heard of it, is an excellent news source for developments around the community. Articles are eventually free for all after an initial period where they're subscriber-only.

Instructions below

Linux Weekly News subscription giveaway 

@fedora please reply, publicly or privately, stating your interest in Linux and free software, and that you're not eligible for a group subscription to LWN (and $75 per year is too much), and I'll pick a recipient this weekend.

I will follow up after a few months and if it works out well, I might do another round.

Please boost this if it might be useful to someone you know!

Linux Weekly News subscription giveaway 

@michel_slm @fedora I wish you the best in paying it forward. Hopefully the people at Fosstodon will see these toots.

I will gladly accept your offer by the way XD.

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