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BitBucket is deleting all hg repos July 1 (tomorrow). People backed up their stuff, right? Happy I looked in my junk folder... I was about to lose 10 years of my personal coding history.

I hope the software archivists out there got the notice...

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The most bizarre thing is that misquoted statement itself misquotes @jk_rowling@twitter.com … there is absolutely nothing accusatory towards trans people on jkrowling.com/?p=1869 . The world we live in.

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I'm glad the unredacted quote is doing the rounds, because it's a great illustration of the way accusations of lying about abuse (or using it to achieve unfair aims, which is a more complex form of saying 'bitches lie') isn't just nasty, it's dehumanising. Let's unpack. » twitter.com/ronanburtenshaw/st

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If Boris Johnson ever finds out that it was Boris Johnson who struck the deal that Boris Johnson says is unfair then Boris Johnson will be in big trouble with Boris Johnson.

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denikn.cz/372616/arcibiskupstv Budu teď školu mnohem pečlivěji sledovat a v případě přitvrzení katolictví zauvažuji o přeložení dětí jinam. Už tak musíme překonávat zbytečnou latinu.

Have you already seen @madewithlove@twitter.com’s tester tool to test your rewrite rules? htaccess.madewithlove.be/

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Sophie Scholl would have been 99 years old today.

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nuspell@fosstodon.org I see plenty of links on ttps://nuspell.github.io/ how nuspell CAN be integrated, but is there any actual integration available. Or to be more brutal, does anybody use it? Is there for example a solution of github.com/vim/vim/issues/846, github.com/neovim/neovim/issue, or github.com/vim/vim/pull/2500 using nuvim?

@brion I write free software for the freedom of the people using the software, not the people developing it.

I admit that may not be universal among software freedom advocates.

I have hard time to decipher what would Neoplatonism say to the current political situation (in any country). Otherwise, of course, priceless.

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About to go out for the first time in weeks. Time to get political

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Není pravda, že se v Česku zavřely stovky kostelů. Pravda je, že se tisíce kostelů otevřely: v každém domově, kde se lidé scházejí (byť třeba virtuálně) ke společným modlitbám.

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Když už se teď řídí stát na základě petic, chtěli bychom skromně připomenout, že je tu jedna petice, která má bezmála 435 000 podpisů, tedy pětkrát víc než bylo třeba na neotevření škol. Ta petice požaduje odstoupení Andreje Babiše. Hurá! 🎉🎉

K podpisu: milionchvilek.cz/chvilka-pro-r

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You have just days, couple of weeks maximum, to think what to do with your life and what lessons you have just learned. Then the opportunity will be lost for long time (I hope).

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“The Great American Return to Normal is coming.” — Julio Vincent Gambuto forge.medium.com/prepare-for-t

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Oh, shit!

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Hungarian Parliament passes bill that gives PM Orbán unlimited power & proclaims:

- State of emergency w/o time limit
- Rule by decree
- Parliament suspended
- No elections
- Spreading fake news + rumors: up to 5 yrs in prison
- Leaving quarantine: up to 8 yrs in prison

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After listening to the news report about the situation in UK, I suggest new slogan: “Keep calm and die!”

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the scariest thing about COVID-19 is that it looks like a JIRA ticket

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Priceless! Now I have in my head weird mixture of Hermione Granger fanfiction.net/s/12377803/78/T with Covid-19. Please, help!

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@WhySharksMatter@twitter.com A Singaporean couple beat you to this joke and even made a parody song! rumble.com/v8vhr5-couple-make-

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“Dříve než padly věže chrámu Krista Spasitele, než byly rozvráceny chrámy na území Sovětského svazu, byl svržen na Staroměstském náměstí Mariánský sloup. I to vypovídá o politické situaci při vzniku Československa.” (blog.aktualne.cz/blogy/dominik) Praví první mezi katolíky v Česku.

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