Typical @BBCNews@twitter.com : parliamentary elections in Poland are not enough sexy for this tabloid, fourth day of mourning after the anti-Semitic attack in Germany is much more attractive. When it leaks, it leads. Oh well.

@mcepl@twitter.com I have encountered this monster in some Harry Potter fanfiction, where Hermione calls Harry (in their first or second year) “Let’s go outside and make a snowperson.” It was worse than meeting Voldemort!

Does anybody really use “snow person” instead of “snowman”? What a horrible world!

The best commentary on Brexit youtu.be/l482T0yNkeo (from @BorderIrish@twitter.com)

Neurážej opravdové Olbramovice, ty mají na to být poutním místem i bez Bureše! cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olbramov

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Čau lidi, díky mediální štvanici se stalo Čapí hnízdo poutním místem (jo, fakt to tam je).

Jeruzalém, Santiago de Compostela, Fátima, Lurdy, Betlém a Olbramovice.


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What a weird world we live in when it takes 300 seconds for me to count π to 100k digits in my browser? ajennings.net/pi.html (article is ajennings.net/blog/a-million-d)

Originally Brexit was promoted in the name of restoring Sovereignty of the Parliament, right?

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"Taking back control" has never looked so sinister. As a fellow parliamentarian, my solidarity with those fighting for their voices to be heard.

Suppressing debate on profound choices is unlikely to help deliver a stable future EU - UK relationship.


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Really beautiful. Thank you.

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My husband and I had the chance to sit down with a long-time friend to talk about what makes for a beautiful marriage. Part One: PTV Pgm August 19, 2019 youtu.be/g9kK5IVtiX8 via @YouTube@twitter.com

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I am not, but this is still priceless.

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Spotted in the library lot today

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Radkin Honzák - Brána jazyka otevřená blog.aktualne.cz/blogy/radkin- via @Nazory_Aktualne@twitter.com Zde prostě musím ocitovat z Thurberovy konverzace: „Kriste Ježíši, do našeho postiliona udeřil blesk!“

One note to the last weekend debacle: Firefox Account (contrary to for example LastPass) is NOT an addon, so even when all addons were gone (and I had to run FF with -safe-mode) I had all my passwords available. Just a food for thoughts.

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