The Rust compiler has me absolutely spoiled when it comes to presenting compiler errors. It gives you a succinct summary of what's going wrong, may suggest fixes, and links to a detailed page about the error and the methods you can use to fix it. Nothing else I've tried is that helpful.

This is probably a bad idea but: now that it's been a while since the GNOME 42 release and the ecosystem has had time to adjust, what do people think about libadwaita?

I don't know how AppImage advertises itself as an alternative to Flatpak or Snap when 90% of the time I get an undefined symbol error trying to run one.

Today I got a PR merged with a +25 -170 diff stat, and no loss of functionality

GUADEC, Nautilus updates, new Libadwaita about dialogs, new GTK development snapshot, builder ported to GTK4, brand new Vala website, ... and so much more!

I am speechless how much happened in a *single* week! 🚀

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I am pleased to announce that #ThisWeekInGNOME is having its first anniversary! There has never been that many news as this week in the whole year!

#52 Happy Birthday!


A very warm welcome to GNOME Circle for Citations! Citations manages your bibliography in the BibTeX format. One less excuse for finishing that thesis or paper!

Citations is maintained by Maximiliano.


I regret to inform you that UI freeze for GNOME 43 is in, like, ONE MONTH 😬😬😬

August 6, to be precise. If there's anything you still want to get into 43, now's the time to get it done and start poking reviewers ;)

For some reason my Wacom One is stuck at "No Display" and my computer isn't picking it up properly as a display :(

Okay, this is a really long overdue release 😬

*starts writing release notes*

Me, a C library developer that has been doing this for 15 years: Let's try and use Rust with GTK and GNOME to write an application
[a month passes]
Me: Wait, am I… enjoying… writing application code? That can't be right

So we finally have entry rows in Libadwaita as of about 10 minutes ago. :)

Just released 2.0 of my small tool "Audio Sharing". The interface got adapted to the new Adwaita design.

Oh and it also includes some "bug fixes and improvements"™️!


I am really disappointed about that :(

We have thought for weeks to give my app "Shortwave" a good name, and that there is no overlap with other companies / products / apps etc.

I guess that's it with the good findability in search engines / on the Internet...

I finally took the decision of doing a 0.2 release of ashpd, the rust wrapper of the XDG portals ( Detailed release notes on

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