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#Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies started with the goal to replace the existing system they considered to be broken. It took 10 years to end as just another asset that supposedly broken world will happily trade. It became their own enemy. #sarcasm

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A new release is out: GTK 4.2.0! Learn more in this update on the GTK Development Blog: blog.gtk.org/2021/03/30/gtk-4-

I'm about to finish Breath of Fire for the , i can feel it.

What a game, what an experience, it feels quite old and it has some rough edges, but i'm totally loving it.

When i finish the game, as usual, i will review it on this platform, because my opinion totally matters.

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A few GTK4 widgets, 3d transformations and css...

For some reason video uploading doesn't work right now, so see twitter.com/alexm_gnome/status for a video.

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Oni povas legi guix.gnu.org/eo en Esperanto dank'al la tradukolaboro de Nicolas Bruche kaj @roptat! Ankaŭ en la rusa kaj en la korea:



You cannot trust most politicians especially if they belonged to well known corrupt parties. Regardless of what they promise, if they promise a historically big voting base, at the same time they're preventing new voters who are looking for a change.

So the Nuevo Leon election is going to be a lesson for the ruling party in . A well deserved one.

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Here comes libadwaita! Read about our plans to make GNOME apps and GTK 4 even better, and about the future of libhandy: adrienplazas.com/blog/2021/03/

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Beware #php users:
"Yesterday (2021-03-28) two malicious commits were pushed to the php-src
repo [1] from the names of Rasmus Lerdorf and myself. We don't yet know how
exactly this happened, but everything points towards a compromise of the
git.php.net server (rather than a compromise of an individual git account)."

I'm really lazy with these lessons but somehow i feel committed to the cause.

That means i'm entitled. here we go.

Ghost and goblins resurrection using the new engine is a weird way of showing off from .

Look at this flash like game, it does use the same technology that powers Resident Evil 7 and DMC.
Now buy.

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Some thoughts on licencing.

Most emulator projects use the license because their projects are community driven.

You can tell when a project has a company focus in mind by looking at the license.

If the license is a permissive one, like the or the , they aim to be taken by a company, so they want to give them as few responsibilities as possible.

When a project is a GPL one, what the project wants to do is to protect the members work by forcing companies to return the code.

So 21.04 won't come with ... so anyone who wants to use the new interface has as an option right?

Well there's no Fedora version for the so too bad for me...

This X86 monoculture is unnecesary. I wish more free software had support for multiarchitecture in mind.

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We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release highlights at forty.gnome.org/

Or view all the details in our release notes: help.gnome.org/misc/release-no

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:boost_ok: :ablobcatwave: Please boost this post if you would like the EFF to join the fediverse. :ablobcatbongo:

In a survey the EFF sent me, I suggested they create an account on the fediverse, so they can reach more supporters and support innovative free software that promotes interoperability among platforms, something they've advocated for in the past, too.

If you can boost this post, maybe I'll be able to show them that there are quite a few users who would like them here!

The EFF is the infamous nonprofit organisation that fights for privacy, government transparency, and digital freedom. Their fight is very important, and the EFF is very special to me. https://www.eff.org/about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Frontier_Foundation

You can see some of their work here https://www.eff.org/work

In the meantime, you can follow @eff, which is an unofficial mirror of their Twitter.
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Libhandy 1.2 has been released! It comes with new widgets and many fixes and is just in time for .

Learn more in this update from @KekunPlazas aplazas.pages.gitlab.gnome.org

Thinking about guantanamero.

But the Richard Stallman version.

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