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Our work upholding consumers' rights to source
code for #copyleft works never pauses;we filed the next motion in our lawsuit against #Vizio. The twists & turns of litigation provides excellent insight into how companies try to deny your rights sfconservancy.org/blog/2021/de #GPL #LGPL

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Now at the #rC3 conference.

German Sovereign Tech Fund will fund open source digital infrastructure to avert the next log4j variable-variability.blogspot.

The famous #XKCD cartoon has resulted in an open source digital infrastructure fund. Thank you Randall.

#SovereignTechFund #FOSS #OpenSource #Digitization #DigitalInfrastrucutre #Ampel

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I think the Final Fantasy franchise is overrated.

I played one of the most praised ones, Final Fantasy 6, and i really disliked it, it has aged very poorly, especially the gameplay. So the best 2d one is not great, then what about the 3d ones?

From what i've heard, FFVI has also aged poorly, 8 is a weird game with a weird focus on its gameplay, 9 is great and X is like FFXIII but nobody seems to mind.

And no, not every old JRPG has aged bad, play Dragon Quest 3 and you will understand.

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What's even the point of getting a PhD in the middle of a pandemic if you're *not* going to make a plague doctor mask and wander around campus wearing it along with your regalia?

Cheers to all of my fellow plague doctors from the class of 2021 or 2020!

As foretold by @cwebber ( octodon.social/@cwebber/107475 )

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OMG I woke up and the TinyNES is already at 17% even though the campaign just launched *last night*! I guess it's not surprising... who *doesn't* want an open source NES??? crowdsupply.com/tall-dog-elect

It doesn't hurt that the video is so damn awesome and v~a~p~o~r~w~a~v~e

I hope we see it get to 25% by the end of the day!

Single Board Computers has to be the next step to follow in order to make the architecture widely used on the userspace.

On the other hand, just imagine a 2 core 16 threads single board computer, i think those two projects would benefit in significant ways if someone makes it happen.

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Facebook is using its army of lawyers to create a Trojan Horse into GDPR law so that they can just demand anybody's private information from any company using the loop hole of "legitimate interest".

It starts with the domain name registrars but doesn't stop there.

If anybody is writing up a "reasons to break up Facebook", please add this to your list.

#Facebook #privacy #GDPR #ICANN #SurveillanceCapitalism #NameCheap

is an impressive software.

On my if i watch a youtube video at 720p and 60fps the frames drop constantly, but on peertube that is not the case.

It goes to show how absolutely bloated and absurd all of google's services are.

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Been reading some comments about julian assange's extradition on Twiiter and the only individuals who support this corrupt decision are democrats.

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Creo que es necesario hacer todo tipo de boicots a Reino Unido por ir contra los derechos humanos.

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👀 Yet another new report out today:

💰 US government agencies are paying private/corporate brokers to avoid following laws.

😡 (And in poor countries, US/EU taxpayer money is footing the bill for nonprofits to serve the same role - so-called aid.)

📑 Read more details then download the full report:


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My markup language for #GTK4 is ready, and I'm eager to hear your feedback! Is it something you'd use in your apps? What features would you like to see next?


It seems i can only add four options per toot lol

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