I've finished writing part 1 of "OcapPub: Towards networks of consent", which is to say the "Conceptual Overview" section gitlab.com/spritely/ocappub/bl

There's a lot there already, and we haven't even gotten to Part 2, the "How to Build It" section yet. I'll begin work on that tomorrow.

What's here already is more or less an explanation of *why* OcapPub is taking the particular direction it is taking, and why other approaches run into serious problems.

@freakazoid That's correct. BTW, since I'm just a podcast, please feel free to mention the hosts @cwebber and @emacsen

I'm having a bit of a family emergency. I need to take time off for a while. That means no new @librelounge for a while.

I have a ton of episodes planned out with @cwebber- exciting stuff about Lisp, about adventures with Git, about ActivityPub, DataShards, Spritely, and some exciting guests.

We'll be on a hiatus, but not forgotten- promise.

In happier news, my Datashards Rationale document got accepted as a Rebooting Web of Trust pre-reading document github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot

and so did @emacsen's AP Unwanted Messages writeup (which has also informed much of the writeup I'm working on now for OcapPub) github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot

Hey awesome listeners,

No show this week. @cwebber and @emacsen are pretty busy with other projects they can't wait to tell you about!

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No show this week. Next week we'll talk about all the stuff @cwebber and @emacsen are doing lately that's not the Libre Lounge show!

On the latest episode of Libre Lounge we're privileged to have on Mitch Altman to talk about Hackers, Hackerspaces, Community, Belonging and Corporate Influence and more!


dungeons and dragons 

Do you like Dungeons & Dragons? Do you like Free Culture? Find out about how the two intersect, and how Free Culture encourages more diversity in role playing games in the latest episode of Libre Lounge:


Hackers, Freedonians and Everyone Else...

You may not know me but I produce and edit a Free Software podcast called Libre Lounge. I want to take the podcast in some new directions, either LL itself, or a new podcast with a similar aim, but to do that, I'm going to need some help- production and editing especially. If you have those kinds of skills and can help, please send me a direct message or email me at emacsen@emacsen.net!

Several pieces of email we've gotten to @librelounge has been spam by someone wanting us to link to an article or song of theirs on our podcast.

I've been using this as an opportunity to tell people about Freely Licensed works, and why we would be happy to check their music/article out, but only if it's Free.

Maybe one day someone will actually change their license to fit our requirements. :smile:

Wow this post blew up!

For anyone who liked it... I co-host a podcast about User Freedom with @cwebber called @librelounge which you can check out at librelounge.org

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