Guido Van Rossum is talking openly about the diversity problem in Python and FLOSS in general.

Good to see that this is a subject that the Python community is taking seriously.

@strypey We'll try to do that in the future.

The project mentioned is Graphviz

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What's not mentioned in the ActivityPub spec that you'll need to implement the standard? Learn about it in the latest episode of Libre Lounge:

@squire We've had a setback getting them on Apple because that apparently requires an iTunes account, which in itself requires iTunes be installed on a computer.

We plan on handling it at some point.

in the meantime, other podcast aggregators work, as do the RSS/Atom feeds directly.

What platform are you on?

In a weird "me day" coincidence, the LibreLounge episode where I talk with @cwebber and @emacsen about FOSS community development, is also available!

@RyuKurisu We could discuss this but i'm not sure what the advantage of OBS is over Audacity for just recording. Can you direct message us or email us with more information on how this would work?

Would you like to learn how to build and maintain a strong, healthy, Free Software Community? We interview Deb Nicholson to find out!

@rmw You should ask @emacsen but I think he would say that it'd be fairly easy to rewrite and restart. Then he'd likely ask for your help.

@mray Thanks! You're not the only one to bring up DeltaChat. This isn't the only time we'll cover instant messengers, so stay tuned!

@nubd @stephaniewalter Aww, thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it, and yes please get on that list- it looks great!

The HBO show Last Week Tonight (a weekly news comedy show) airs 30 shows a year. We've missed a couple of weeks in our weekly podcast, but largely stick to the weekly format.

We're thinking of taking a week off to work on some backend infrastructure and to give @emacsen some time to edit while he prepares for shoulder surgery.

Would love people's thoughts on the frequency of releases, and or how important keeping to a specific release schedule is for you.

@zge I think we're both right and wrong. Wikipedia says encryption was added in 2012 and FB bought it in 2014. We were wrong about the Emoji packs though.

@zudn There are some people who are sensitive about death, but especially suicide.

After some internal discussion about how to handle it, we decided that the conservative approach of offering up a content warning and resources at the end was better than no action at all.

@LPS When we announce the show, it's already on the feed. The feed shows as being valid by several validators.

If you'd like to give some more info, we can try to work together to figure out what's going on.

Interested in hearing the Libre Lounge folks take on Instant Messengers? Their history, their influence on Free Software, and their emotional impact? Join us for "The Rise and Fall of Instant Messengers"

going after a homebrew commodore 64 mario game is something else, Nintendo. all the folks going through the effort to get a c64 emulator running would have totally put you out of business.

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