How do we make Free Software more approachable, easier to use and more effective? That is the discipline of User Experience design.

@emacsen and @cwebber interview UX expert Máirín Duffy about Free Software interfaces and more.

@librelounge @emacsen @cwebber Sure improving the UI would be nice, but I think the best and easiest way we could improve the user experience is by acting like people, not robots, in forums and not treating users like their stupid.

I don't think a code of conduct is good enough sadly, I think we need a guide on effective communication. Some things just aren't obvious. I've also noticed a lot of false ideas that seem obvious, but measurably aren't.

@librelounge @emacsen @cwebber 👏👏 👏 I never connected MORE to what a podcast had to say. Máirín Duffy speaks from my heart. Free Software has so much to learn when it comes to design and UX. I wish every coder of every project I joined had to hear this episode. Her #Gimp was my #Freedombox. Listen to her advice.

@mray I tried to listen to librelounge podcasts 4-5 times but there's so much rambling that I can't follow the conversation.

@federico3 that's not one of those. Also they tend to get better with time. Check this one out.

@librelounge @emacsen @cwebber

also why not mention her fediverse account, too!? :


thank you! 💕

@mray @librelounge @cwebber @mairin

Because I didn't know it and Mastodon doesn't let you modify a message once it exists

I havent been super active in the fediverse in a long time either, for a number of reasons but probably the biggest is i cant seem to find #Gaeilge speakers?? 😔
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@librelounge @emacsen @cwebber

In case people haven't discovered this free and opensource software, you really should. It's a quick easy way for non-designers/designers to mockup interfaces and workflows.

"Easy GUI Prototyping
Pencil provides various built-in shapes collection for drawing different types of user interface"

#UI #FOSS #Pencil #mockup #design #opensource

Here's a vid by TJ free giving a walkthrough

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