Do you want to help out Libre Lounge?

If you use an external platform to downloads the show, like PocketCasts, iTunes, Feedly, Feedbin, please rate and review the show.

When you do that, you help other people discover the show and maybe we can convince them to join our movement!

@librelounge is there a way we could help promote your podcast without using proprietary software? I don't know of a FLOSS rating system but perhaps one exists or is feasible for us to create. Maybe we could convince the @fsf to extend their "respects your freedom" campaign to podcasts?

And how about old school solutions like: "tell your friends". Direct referrals have credibility and immense power.

@meonkeys @fsf You're always encouraged to tell your friends and others about our show!

We've been mentioned by the FSF in their newsletter (thank you @fsf ).

One thing that's been our minds lately is that we're looking to outreach to folks outside the User Freedom community, and we have a lot of listeners using proprietary software.

If people are already using proprietary tools to listen to us (which many folks do!) then they can rate and review us.

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