On this episode of Libre Lounge, @cwebber and @emacsen sit down with award winning artist @davidrevoy to talk about his is webcomic series Pepper and Carrot, the Sintel film, and how he started his Free Software/Free Culture journey.

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Fantastic interview! I am getting very interested in free culture. I make all of my own work, such as it is, CC-BY-SA because I think that matters. The Attribution part may be pure ego, but when I spend hours researching and writing a 1500 word article, then recording it in audio for Hacker Public Radio, I guess I think I deserve to at least have my name on the product.

@librelounge @cwebber @emacsen @davidrevoy Thank you for making more episodes in this special time. Looking forward to listening to it!

@librelounge @cwebber @emacsen @davidrevoy I'm really glad the podcast is going deeper into the Free Culture side of things. Discoverability of content has been terrible since the days when creators were trained to link to the Creative Commons logos ended...

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