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@librelounge @emacsen

I used to be able to watch American tv fiction in original language with no subtitles, that was ok

I stopped in 2006

Now I can't follow this show

As if I had lost the ability to understand spoken English


@AbbieNormal @librelounge That sounds frustrating. Is this something you experience with other podcasts as well?

@emacsen @librelounge

I don' t know, I haven't tried with other podcasts

Can you suggest me one to test ?

@AbbieNormal @librelounge I've heard that some language learning systems suggested the NPR show Car Talk.

It was a hillarious show about cars and car repair by a couple of former MIT nerds turned mechanics.

I'm arbitrarily stating that Car Talk is the bar where we're trying to aim our comprehension level at :)

@emacsen @librelounge

I don' t get many fragments

Following is substantially impossible


@AbbieNormal @librelounge

Would you be able to help me set up a system to do transcriptions for folks who can't (for whatever reason) listen to our podcast?

@AbbieNormal @librelounge Can you set up a system that takes audio (like an mp3 or ogg vorbis file) and then spits out a transcript?

Bonus points if it is timestamped so I can feed it into Audacity.

@emacsen @librelounge

I could !

But I don' t know any such system

Were you thinking of one, specifically ?

@AbbieNormal @librelounge I don't have a specific one or setup.

That would be up to you to figure out.

I don't have the bandwidth to work all this out, which is why we'd love the help.

@emacsen @librelounge

Ok, I' ll do a little research and then I' ll be back to you

Only, not immediately, I'm getting out.


Ok ?

@AbbieNormal @librelounge Also we've considered transcripts.

I'd love to use a system like DeepSpeech to do them and then possibly let our listeners clean up the transcripts where necessary.

Would that help?

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