If you listen Libre Lounge, do you also go through the show notes and click the links?


I have a hard time listening, i mostly only go through links

@AbbieNormal Interesting. Can you say more about what's making it hard for you to listen and is there anything we could do to make it easier?


it' s hard for me to listen because I'm not a native speaker.

You usually speak fast and tight, sometimes with a low intimate tone

also I think that the microphones and the compression don't help

@AbbieNormal Thanks for helping us improve.

Funnily enough, we do the compression and careful editing to make it easier to hear, because I know that many podcast listeners listen in noisy situations. We can certainly try to slow it down a bit though!

@librelounge I definitely open the links when the subject interests me a lot, which happens like one time out of three. I definitely vote for show links!

@librelounge I occasionally follow the links if you mention something that particularly interests me. But mostly I just listen.

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