Dear Libre Lounge Listeners,

It appears many proprietary podcast aggregators can't handle both mp3 and ogg in the same feed, and lots of people say they can't listen to the show, which prevents them from becomming Free Software supporters.

So we're moving Ogg Vorbis to a new feed starting next week.

We'll announce again.

If you don't care which format, or prefer mp3, nothing to see/change/do.

@librelounge This explains a lot! I'll be curious to see if my aggregator will successfully handle `.ogg`. Thanks for the update!

@librelounge I remember the discussion about putting both mp3 & ogg in the same feed, and remember being surprised since as far as I can tell most podcasts which offer ogg offer it in a separate feed. The combined feed definitely makes more sense, because at this point the choice between opus, ogg, mp3 is really a technological one (ranked here in descended order of desirability) rather than a freedom/patent-related one, and it’s a pity (if not entirely surprising) that not all podcast aggregators can handle it.

@librelounge I believe MP3 is a completely free format, the last bits of its patents have expired in 2018. Also, one of the earliest and most widely used high-quality MP3 encoder is LAME, which is LGPL. Ogg Vorbis is still a technically better solution, but I don't see the reason not to use/play MP3. are there still distributions and software packages that categorize MP3 decoder as "non-free" or "ugly" technology due to its patent status?

@niconiconi That's right, mp3 is no longer patent encumbered and there are Free Software implementations.

Some of our listeners felt very strongly that we support Ogg Vorbis/Opus, so we began supporting both formats in our feed.

Sadly this breaks most rss aggregator implementations, hence our need to change and move the ogg vorbis media to another feed.

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