On the latest episode of Libre Lounge we're privileged to have on Mitch Altman to talk about Hackers, Hackerspaces, Community, Belonging and Corporate Influence and more!

ohhh, I like #MitchAltman. I think I first heard of him from his explanation of "What is a #Hacker?" using #Muppets on #TheMediaShow:

I followed him back on #GooglePlus, and hope to be able to attend one of his talks at an event if it ever happens to be nearby.

I'll be sure to check out this episode of #LibreLounge #podcast when I have a quiet moment to myself!

#ToDo #ListenLater

@librelounge On the "maker" term, it also feels like there's another uncomfortable branding issue, in that there's already a term for people who quasi-professionally make things for fun, but "crafter" traditionally has feminine connotations and is harder to monetize...

@librelounge great show!

I especially value that Mich talks about the ethical decision whether it's acceptable to work for the benefit of the military and his personal decisions to not continue working in those circumstances.

Btw: there's a little mixup in the shownotes. CCC ( is the chaos computer club. Their yearly event is called the chaos communication congress.

@librelounge I'm actually interested in the opinion and maybe experience of both of you with licences, that prohibit the use of otherwise free software for military or intelligence agencies.

I know it doesn't give the freedom to use the software for all purposes and therefore per definition isn't free software anymore.

@librelounge @dwagenk @emacsen Yeah we should talk about it.

I have an empathizable-educational-strawman license that I'd like to write up that I think shows why use restrictions can't work. Don't have time right now though.

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